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Tranny shifts fine all gears cold but shifts as though going over car counter cables when hot. bang, bang, bang
How much should it cost to have both the oil pan gasket and the transmission pan gasket replaced ?
when I accelerate over 50 Miles an hr and then come to a complete stop,my gas petal sticks.Also the engine acts as if it is going to stop. I have 58,000 original mils on the car. I usuallly drive 2 miles to work and drive 20-40 miles an hr
after accelerating over 50 miles and hour my gas petal wants to stick after I have come to a halt.Also the engine acts as if it wants to quit. I only have 58.000 original miles on the car .Most of my driving is in town and I only drive 2 Miles to work and drive 20-40 Miles an hour
Battery goes dead after a week without starting the car. Took into shop, which could find nothing wrong. Any ideas on what could be causing the battery to drain so quickly. Thanks.
Does 1995 park avenue have a blower motor resistor and if it does where is it located
is there a procedure to reprogram the ac acutors after a new ac programmer has been installed?
My car dings after opening the door as if my keys are still in the ignition. The side and rear running lights also remain on until the system resets (20 min). After closing the door and then opening it back up, the dinging continues. I am not sure If I need to replace the lock assembly or the actual lock electrical assembly or both. What's the deal? Thanks!
How do I tell if there is a chip in the key?
Shut off the car, got back in started the car up and it would not start. Unknown driver appeared on the dash. What could be the problem?
i noticed that my car is leaking a pink liquid under the front end what should i do
I recently had to replace the plenum because it warped and sucked antifreeze in. Once I got this done,(replaced the plenum and lower intake gaskets) I drove the car for about 50 miles and had no issues. The next morning I was going to change oil and when I started the car, I noticed the oil pressure gauge was reading 0. After some research and talking to people, I pulled the oil pan and found the oil pickup tube clogged with a fiberous material, once oil was squeezed out, it look whitish in color. I cleaned this all out of the screen and reinstalled the tube, a new pan gasket and the pan. I started the car and drove it and had 40 PSI all the while. This morning I started the car and the oil gauge hesitated for a moment but then came up to around 35 PSI or a little higher. I start my way to work and did not go to far when the gauge fluctulated to 0 and then back to 25. I immediatly stopped the car and restarted and had about 25 PSI and it seemed to hold. I started out again and the same thing happened. Car is now parked along road awaiting tow. I was not able to hear the knock but I think I hear the lifters rattle a bit... pretty much the same sound I had in my garage when this first started. I know I did not leave anything in the engine when I replaced the plenum and intake gaskets so I am not sure what the fiber material is or how long it has been in the engine.
The auto level system has the back end of my car lifted to the highest level. I have disconected the level adjustment lever and I can hear the compressor run when I manually move the lever. It is as though the system will not bleed off excess air. How can this problem be fixed?
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