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Not sure where the mode door acuator is located
I replaced the climate control module and programmer. Ac still defaults to defroster and floor when set to mid vents
a complete tune up
Move at all put it in gear and nothing
I have had the car in three difference shops and no one can find out why. I start the car in my drive way and I can let it run for an hour or more with no trouble. If I drive it down the road it will blow a modules and i will have to have it towed to a shop.
We had the a/c replaced but it won't change automatically from cold to heat. It's not a blend door or actuator problem but might be called a programmer for a/c which costs about $1500.
I started out the car cut off coming in the driveway. I replace the fuel filter and changed the oil. I changed the spark plugs, the ignition coil pack and the modual underneath. I could drive the car a bout 15miles with no problems but once it heated up it started acting up so I changed the O2 sensor and the transmission fuild and filter. It was still acting the same so I changed the catilac converter. Now it is worse what am I doing wrong
most sensors replaced
was stalling once in a while could restart and would run for a long while. now hot weather it is stalling more often and now when first started does start and stall 2to 3 times then runs
have changed fuel pump, fuel filter, checked all coil packs put in new battery
starts and runs, will suddenly qit , go to neutral, shut ignition off &will run again, first start in am or pm, will start then quit, restart and quit ,restart give a pump and runs. all this is intermittantly with no warning.
need to find out if the pump works or problem is with shocks or lines
Never open since I bought it
All bolts removed from mount but won't come out
The box is on the side of the seat and in a vinyl enclosure that is normally within the seat. Now it is hanging out. Not sure if something broke or what?
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