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Water fills the area holding the electronic components under the back seat, where the spare tire is in the trunk as well as soaks the floor mats on the driver's side both front and back.
My Engine computer went out on me when i was driven at first i didnt know what the problem was i tryed to get a computer reading on it and it would not i bought a used Engine computer to replace the old one and now i need to know how to program the new 1 it came from the same make and model 1 that i have your help would be gratefully appreciated thank u
Will it make car run a little while and then die & not start for a couple days then start and run good then die & it repeats checked pressure with fuel pressure tester
It Had pressure at one point I check again it had none
The hood the engine coolant was bubbling over. Then I looked under the car and transmission fluid was pouring out and a piece of plastic had melted off from something. At first I could only get the car into reverse and after more fluid leaked I couldn't get any gears at all. I changed the transmission filter and put transmission fluid in but as soon as I started the car all the new fluid leaked out. What could my problem be?
Car did start & run for awhile then die & not start for bout half hr then start & run a bout week then die & not start took bout a day to start back up then ran bout 15 minute died started back up drove a block died then won't start spray starter fluid in it try to start but doesn't
My power steering pump went out and my car was down for about 3 weeks and now my a/c compressor will not kick on and its just blowing hot air. It was working fine before it was down.
out 3.keychain remote out. 4.Lights/chimes when door opens out. 5.Interior trunk buttons out. 5. Doesnt want to start when hot. 6.Stalls sometimes at low low speed. 7. Rt Side A/c not working, left OK.
8.Engine lt comes on when starting sometimes. 9.Water sometimes interior left back floor (rain or puddles.) 10.Heater temperature read out blinks. Can't think of any!!!
It will go anywhere from empty, to full, and everywhere in between, no matter how much fuel I have in the tank. My question is; what is the cause of this, and how can I get this problem fixed? Also was there ever a recall because of this problem? Thank you.
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