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I have nothing blowing inside the car. I hear the compressor kicking in but no air inside vehicle. It started about 2 months ago.
Excellent maint. began running in 3rd qtr Hot range occasionally for past 5 mos Only while City driving. Never reached 'Red' zone! on 9/21 so close to Red zone, cut it off while idling at light and it would not restart. pushed off road. Professional diagnosed as head gasket blown due to driving hot & Fluid mixed w oil in engine. bc of mileage Not worth repair costs; eng rplcmt approx $4k. Mechanic friend recommends leak sealant product used successf'ly several times. Found similar product online--'Steelseal'. GOOD OR BAD IDEA!
Driver side blow out cold,other blow out hot air when i have the heat on.
I have replaced tires, struts and shocks, front end aligned, tires balanced. Car drives fine until @ 63 mph until @ 75 mph and then a significant vibration. It lessens after 75 mph but does not go away. It is not noticeable below 63 mph. Car has @ 110,000 miles on the odemeter. Thanks
I can tell the shock is bad due to a loud thump when I hit a dip in taking a trip that's about 600 miles (hiway)will it do a lot of damage to the car if I cant get it fixed before the trip? im getting quotes of 400$ plus.
Changed the intake manifold gasket and cleaned the super charger. When I started it up it ran for a few minutes then died. Had to start with starter fluid then it ran but rough and died constantly at the idle.
This problem started a month ago. It will cruise fine at 75, but accelerating to cruising speed, it feels like only 5 cylinders are hitting. The vacuum gauge reads a steady 20 at idle. Since it started missing, I've done the following: 1)changed the fuel filter, 2) changed the spark plugs, 3)changed the plug wires, 4) replaced the entire coil pack. The air filter was just replaced a month ago.
can I use a 1994 buick lesabre emc computer to replace the emc computer in 1994 buick park ave
I was in New York City and after been in a traffic jam I loss my gas power I use to press the gas pader and the car wont go faster than 20 miles why is that?
I have changed my battery and alternator twice within 6 months. My battery indicator light will fluctuate from 12-14 as I'm driving. In addition the lights on my dash board, head lights and brake lights flicker continuously. This will happen daily every time I drive, then after about 2 1/2 to three months the car will die on me as I'm driving or it simply will not start.
Where is the cylinder located and how much it would cost to fix it?
no fir to starter and fuel pump. all fuses good and all relays good
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