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Feel warmth through vents.Concerned about keeping windshield cleaned off.This summer,air off&on whenever.Last 2 wks,heat won't come on.When change settings/temp,etc can hear movement in dash & instrument panel lights work but no forced air.
The heater fan. Where is it? On outside where engine is or under dash? Fan/blower comes on only when it wants to.Can you help me?
coolant level keeps coming up low when it is full temp. normal could it be the sending unit in the reservoir
cold air on passenger side when it should hot
tried pushing the open and lock button on the driver door several times
I have a 2002 park avenue ultra with 187,000 miles on it. It started shifting hard after it gets warmed up. Especially between 2nd and 3rd gears. It feels exactly like If I were shifting with a manual valve body. When it's cold it's shifts fine, but after twenty minutes or so it starts shifting hard. I travel for a living and have been driving buicks for fifteen years. I've never had a transmission problem. Can you help me out? I'd like to get another hundred thousand out of this one like I did on the rest.
No matter outside are cold or warm, it has rough idle sometimes and any speed sometimes. It may go around 7 miles with no problem then it is suddenly decrease rpm slightly for a second. So I changed new spark plugs and install new sparks plugs wire kit. Add new fuel filter, heet, octane plus, and injector cleaner but all failed to solve a problem. After nearly empty my gas tank, add premium gas and it won't help, too. I know it is more difficult while an Check engine light is still off but a light is working. Now it is 181,000 miles. Any suggestion. Thank you.
when i turn the heater on the fan will not blow. this is something that just started.can this be a conection, or a fuse problem?
When the horn is actuated with horn pad or panic button,it won't shut off without restarting car or pulling the relay. The relay can then be reinserted and horn does not blow until the horn pad is actuated again. press it again and the horn continues to blow until I repeat the process. Tried new relay.
I checked the fuse box and the fuses are all good. I've replaced all the bulbs in my tail lights and they still don't work.
It will even pop open when I pass reverse, putting it in park for example. I got home by reversing, placing the car in neutral, putting on the e-brake, shutting the trunk and then driving home. It popped open again when I put it in park.
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