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I have a 2001 Buick Park Ave that i inherited from my grandfather. The compressor makes a rattling sound when the car is running, i think it may be the clutch. The car has an automatic control panel for the HVAC unit. Like you set the temp and it keeps up by it self. When i turn on the system, at any temp, the compressor appears to turn on (u can feel the loss of power to the engine) and the rattle stops, but the blower motor does not turn on, even though the panel tells me that the motor is at full power. I just wanted to know what this could be, and if it was something i could do myself so i could at least get the blower motor and the heat working for the winter.

I start the car the leak will start 2 minutes after running then stop.. why is this happening

how do i put on a 17 belt on a 3800 engine

This car has a temp. control for each side

The fuel pump in back runs a lot and is louder than normal.
Do we go to a regular mechanic or take back to transmission shop?

i repl;aced cv joint axle shaft and i need totque for the axle nut

try everything new battery, starter

My 1991 Buick Park Avenue cuts of after driving a few miles
What could be the cause

when i have it on heat the blower motor blows hard but when i go to a/c it hardly blows anything even with the hard turned all the way up

I am not able to turn the key & start the car. It's parked on an incline w/ the wheel turned.

repacing cabin filter first filter got stuck past place to slide in second filter .tried and tried to bring it down would not come put in second filter and third which slid together is this ok to leave until time to change again in 15000 miles?

how much to replace a fuel filter

woke up this am and my speedometer is not working right just barely pushing gas it's on 30 and pushing a little when it's probably at 60 it's at 100.

I have checked all fuses and can not find the problem . Could it be something in the security system of the car or am I looking in the wrong directinn?

Never had this happen before. Enetered my car around 1PM on Fathers day to go home but was unable to start my car because the key would not slide into the ignition switch to start the engine. again I say this has never happened to me for the last four years. Why is this?

When I go to jiffy lube the put in the comment section , that the car has an engine oil leak.

why does my steering work when its cold but after i drive a while it dont work at idle, only when i give it a little gas

I took my car in to replace the lift actuator for the automatic trunk. When I got it back the mechanic informed me that the interior lights did not go off when he locked it up. So he pulled the fuse so it wouldn't kill the battery. I replaced the fuse, and sure enough... the lights stay on inside. After 10 mins they go off like they should but they are set to go off before that. I think it's about 25 seconds? Then when you press the lock button on the key fob... they should go off shortly then too... 10 mins... the unlock on key fob should turn on all the courtesy lights outside which includes the parking lights, headlights, and side lights for several seconds.. only the headlights come on.. and then go off very quickly. If I press the unlock button a bunch of times... randomly the parking lights will come on but again only for a few seconds. There is also a panel above the rear view mirror set into the ceiling which tells you if any of your outside lights are broken.. and the tail lights one is lit up even though my lights work fine. The fuse that was removed originally was reading fine on the tester as well as the new one but otherwise.. what's the issue?


the car bangs into every gear when driving its only after u run it for a while and when u turn it off and cut it back on it please

while driving my buick shakes between 55 and 75 mile per hour? can it be becaue i have bald tires??

My check engine lights came on,I saw that the battery state read ??????,what does that mean?

ac doesn't work. how about the compressor if it's bad? what about an oxygen sensor, and a catalytic converter?

There is a direct short which pulls a NEW!!! fully charged battery down to 9+ volts over night. The short is with the primary fuse elec/misc 60amp and I have no clue what is on this circuit ! I have checked the secondary circuits by pulling every fuse and circuit breaker under the dash and all the primarys under the hood. I can only cancel out the short by pulling the primary fuse elec/misc which is under the hood... The lights work and the sentry seems to work because I can vary the times +/- and the lights will go out. I cant understand why the chime sounds with the lights off and the key in my hand as if the lights were manually left on or that the key was left in the ignition when I open the drivers door.. The chime ceases when the drivers door is closed.
Does anyone know what could short out on the elec/misc cicuit that is not protected by a secondary fuse???

1999 buick park avenue cruise control does not work. When key is turned on cruise light comes on indicating system is OK. Cruise fuse is good.

car runs bad when it rains.misfires
i replaced the rear struts 5/21/11 quick/struts and now they have bottomed out i hear the air pump going when i start and turn off the car but it won't raise the rear what could be wrong need help..thx.

How do you replace the radiator

please help

I have had the engine replace,spark plugs, crank shaft sensor,alternator, battery good, starter good. I don't understand wht the problem can be now.

Please Help Me
Thank you in advance

I have replace my engine (used) as well as replaced the alternator, spark plugs, and crank shaft sensor. the car still is not starting up. What can be the problem now ?