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Trunk won’t open from release button on dash, key fob or by trunk key. Spinning sounds electric..
Engine light came on to service engine soon and a cloud of blue smoke came from behind the car. What could this be?
Check engine light stays on
I was driving it and all of a sudden it died now it won't start we turn the key and it turns over but won't start .
I have replaced the MAF, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator and the coolant temperature sensor. I have to use the 2-foot method to drive it down the road. The car will not stay idling. Check engine light comes on after a few seconds. No noises or leaks. Fuel pump checks out good. Maybe the fuel sensor?
what is the cause of the water forcing the belt off and what is the fix?

When it;s raining and if I'm driving next to the curb, and hit a large puddle of water the POWER STEERING/ALT belt will be forced off the pulley.
It seems as it's aproblem with the security system.
Just wondering
Trans slips and it was smoking really bad after starting. This was after anti theft mode was bypassed. We put in new oil and trans fluids only to discover each addition of trans fluid ended up in with the motor. Due to excessive smoke we thought trans fluid was getting burnt off. How to fix trans fluid in motor oil and why does this occur.. Curiosity question as person told me I could put vegetable oil in emergency for trans fluid. I live in the middle of desert but since it's draining into motor oil that didn't sound like a good idea. Can you do thus
Need to know
Just wondering
Anti theft system won’t let tha crook start it up to steal it?
Just want to know that it won’t mess anything up
I have had trouble with my heating and air since having the engine replaced. I had no air on either side, then I got the vaccum lines cleaned and the system charged. Now, I have no heat on the driver's side, but I do on the passenger side.
The car clunks very rapidly when accelerating hard from a stop. When gently accelerating there is no problem. The Buick dealer says it’s over $3000 to repair . The car runs well other than there is a gas smelll that the dealer says is a gas regulator. $268 to repair. I’m trying to just get this car to keep running for local trips, only 27000 miles on it since it’s parked for 9 months of the year. It’s my winter Florida car
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