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no service lights
plane sound

What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? just statrted today
Clunking sound on passenger side especially on rough roads 20-40 mph.. also, a shudder in steering column when making sharp right turn. not as pronounced in damp weather
What seems to make the problem better or worse? dry weather, rough roads
How long have you had this problem? bot car in April 2016, continuous since purchase, but worsening
2006 buick lucerne cxl when driving it studders is the solenoid under the pan n under something else what am i looking for.....dont see it when i removed the pan
What seems to make the problem better or worse? worse when hot
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
My heated seat; window;door lock;automatic seat placement on drivers side doesn't work.
I have a Buick Lucerne that previously was damaged where the right headlight is. The headlight was replaced but now when I set the automatic headlight control to parking light the corner light on the right-side headlight and the tail lights on the right side do not automatically come in. I use the right turn signle it comes on. I push the brakes and the tail lights come on just fine. I lock the car with my key fob and all the lights flash just fine. I have taken it to get checked they could not fix it, they told us someone seemed to have already tried but also failed.
Car only goes 40mph with high rpms and it vibrates and shakes with rough idle please help
Unlocked car with Fob got in will not turn over. Dash lights, radio, head lites., ok. No interior lights, can not shift from park, cannot remove key. Installed new batrtery still nothing. Where from here?
Can't seem to find the right firing order anywhere the 8th character of the vin is a 2
My car began overheating. No noises from water pump, no coolant loss. Upper rad. hose was soft. Replaced thermostat and bled the system through the screw on the thermostat housing. No problems for a month. In fact, she ran better than in a long time.
Yesterday suddenly the temp light began blinking and the gauge suddenly went all the way up. I immediately pulled off. Within minutes the gauge was normal. Took off again and within a few miles it heated up again and this time the gauge slowly climbed. Water in reservoir was cold to the touch. No loss of coolant. Fans work. Upper rad. hose was hard. Front of rad. steaming. Heater would not work. AC was still cold.Clearly there is something stopping circulation. But where?
2007 Buick Lucerne Having problems keeping the GPS navigation working Sometimes it works then craps or just show error when turned on Is this a disc problem or a unit problem and what show I do for each? Thank you
Where is gas fuel filter located
I have already changed blower motor but the air still doesn't blow
There is nothing wrong with the catalytic converter but I keep getting the code for it. What's causing this?
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