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Checked coil pack - fine , crank sensor replaced. When it turns over I hear a little back fire when I turn off key. What could it be? Has my timing chain slipped? Mileage 265,000 miles. Car has been babied, oil changed ever 3500 K, tranny great, belts & hoses all good, battery new, well maintained since new.
((Note: The year and make selector at this site does not concur with my car.I have an 1989 ParkAvenue)) Seems to start and run smooth and even can accelerate to 3K+ rpm smooth and steady. When selection of any drive position and begin to accelerate, engine goes into a surging cycle and continues even when gear selector is back to Park; will not rev when in this surge cycle, bogs and almost stalls. I can turn off ignition and restart engine and is smooth running again. Again I can rev to 3k rpm smooth and rpm steady. Select gear and accel... repeats as above. Acceleration is at about 1100-1500 rpm to climb a hill when cycling surge begins. I can duplicate surging with brake on & in drive & accelerating; surging starts at about 1100-1200 RPM. Again, surging/cycling resets by turning off and restarting engine. Maintenance/shooting done recently: 1. Checked fuel rail pressure @41 psi; 2. Changed fuel filter; 3. New air filter; 4. swapped out the MAFS; 5. New Oxygen sensor; 6. Oil & filter changed about 200 miles. Where are the ECM, IAC, ICM located that I can do a vibration/tap test?
it ticks when its cool when warms up it gets quiter
On the 3.8 lt. motor, does the front engine oil seal need to have the timing chain cover off, and to replace it from the inside?
no mid dash air flow
Security light blinking and car will start by starter and go right back dead
Water causing steam ,it happened on the first Start, Besides that everything else is running fine , starts,runs and that one problem
No check engine light , everything checks good off diagnostic computer. Catalytic Converter is good , O2 sensors are good. Getting 13 mpg. Seems to really lose fuel economy fast once at an idle.
wont restart till let car sit.
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