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my car has been turning off while drivng. does it on the high way doing 70 . it will cut off for a split second then kick back on . enough to be afraid. camshaft positioner sensor has been changed brand new an it did not fix the problem. it only does at high speeds.
My brother locked his keys inside his running car. A friend of his tried his own Buick key in the door and the engine quit running just as he put the key into the keyhole; also now it won't start.
Just had gotten off work pull in garage turned my car off. Came back out maybe 15 minutes later pulled out and my air bag light came on . Now it's not going off .
2001 Buick, La Sabre with automatic level control. The rear shocks were replaced for stiffness and bad ride. 6 months later they are looking bad again. The rear of the car bounces going down the road and rides ruff. It is like the shocks are charged to much. Anyone seen this before?
No particular parameters when incident occurs. Have to manually shift to lower gear position. Up shifts are as desired. THNX FOR UR INPUT. nedders
The car ran before no spark from coils.
First occurance. Was told by Auto Zone what possible causes may be. Cost is an issue so shop not an option. Willing 2 'DYI' it... need 2 know how 2 rmv door panel - then how to determine prob & fix. Perhaps there is a website that may supply this info, I have searched, but..... Any help is much appreciated.
I have replaced coil pack and crank censor and after I drove it for about 4 miles it did it again. My codes are P 0303 and P 0336
Have replaced crank sensor, harmonic balancer, MAF sensor, 02 sensor, fuel regulator, and tested IAC and MAP sensors. Fuel pressures are all good. New fuel filter, air cleaner and spark plugs as well. Removed entire throttle body and completely cleaned it too. Car starts and runs great....just shuts off 2-3 times a day and immediately starts back up. Only code I can get on my scan tool is P0629, which is "invalid pass key frequency"?
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