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is there a reasonable price garage in my area of raymond new hampshire 03077
Changed thermostat, reset by battery cables, worked for little while, but now cold air.
I have a ’90 Buick LeSabre with the end of the shift knob broken off. I purchased a new shift knob but can’t for the life of me, figure out how to remove the damaged one and install the new one.

Can someone explain how I can do this?

Thanks in advance,
The car will start most of the time but when I drive randomly the electric stuff will turn off like the radio, gauges, electric door locks and window and I can't figure out what is causing this.
The car will start but shut off ehrn RPM goes under 3,000.
The blender door actuator moves when I shift from hot to cold. One hose going to the heater core is warm, the other is not. The heater core was replaced and the hoses flushed at the end of last winter. I just get cold air in the floor, vent, and defrost.
and the air bag light stays on.... please help me
my 1988 Buick lesabre was overheating so I replaced the water it starts and shuts off after ten to twenty seconds .why could this be what are the possibilities??
I smashed out my headlight I got a new one and when I put it in all the lights work except the high beam. I changed bulbs and they both work on the good side what can the problem be???
I recently changed thermostat and the radiator and water pump seem to be working seem to be working fine.
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