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Where to replace a shift solenoid on a 2008 buick enclave cxl
We tried changing the coil and the same thing happenned is the signal coming from the c.u. ?
3 times in 6 months gas pedal replaced by dealer.
Where can catalytic converter can be found
The a.c. light blinks 3 times and go off the air conditioning will not come on.
What to replace all of the motor mounts..Motor has to much movement when placed on drive or reverse
Does anyone have any suggestions.
have a scanner code po752
This is the first time this has happened. Went to go out tonight, and started the car. Put it in reverse and nothing. It would not move. The forward gears work fine but it will not go into reverse.
Once the car heats up - no problems.
The engine light comes on and the car will not change gears. The will go out and its ok have 2 codes 770 & 775
If a link or instructional video would be appreciated. I do not want to cause damage - 2010 Enclave
I've recently had my transmission repair it was the 35rwaveplate in my 09 Buick Enclave I had a check engine code of P0776. The repair was done free as this was part of a special warranty recall. However since the repair was completed one week ago now my my radio cuts on and off and it switches channels on its own. Can anyone help?
74900 miles
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