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Changed the front tires the same day lights came on. Tried disconnecting battery to reset computer but the lights come back on. What can be wrong

I'm unable to see the mileage on my car. Everything else is working fine.

Our car was towe and when we got it back it was hard to turn left really had to pull stirringwheel. While trying to find out why, driving it now the stirring wheel locks n now it's hard to turn at all

The blower works and operates fine, but the temperature of the air doesn't stay hot. It works sometimes for a few seconds at a time, other times for a few minutes. In the morning when it is colder out it doesn't work and my low oil light comes on. In the afternoons when the temperature is around 50 it works no problem and the low oil light goes away. I recently learned I need to replace the inner manifold gasket due to a small leak, but the shop estimated it would be months before it needs to be done.

Have been told its the head gasket - sound correct? 70,000 miles

Have been told its the head gasket - does this sound correct?

How much will it cost to repair?

if i remove gas cap there is a dramatic change in my car, it wants to quit. when i put gas in it and then replace the cap I have to almost keep my foot on the gas to keep it from dying. and it remains like that for about the first couple miles after putting gas in car. this is the only time the car acts like this.

Pulled ignition celanoid fuse. It shut off the alarm but then car wouldnt start.

Had to jump start car after battery died, once restarted, nothing on the control panel works including gas gauge, speedometer, temperature gauge, radio etc

The location is on the upper side of the radiator.

the car starts but does not run once you apply the accelorator the car stalls i have replaced the fuel pump and filter the module the maf sensor the crank position sensor the fuel regulator and the car starts but once you step on the gas or manually try and throttle the car from under the hood it stalls the car will run in park but any throttle pressure it stalls any help would be appreciated

My centurys temperature gauge began to go back and forth recently. It has coolant in it. I had the car for seven years. I had the water pump changed about 2 years ago. Coolant flush 2 years ago. The fans kick on when it starts to over heat. The radiator does have rocks in it and a lilttle bent up. Im sure why this is happening but would like some advice!!!

Every time start car, could it be power steering pump/bushings? (No noise from steering wheel). Pullies are tight when try to wiggle.

I have spent like 70 dollars on fuses and had the wires checked my fuse blows everytime dont know what it could be. When i use my trunk is when the fuses pops or when i hit a bump the fuse pops please help

I cannot turn my car off it stays running and the key will not turn it seems to be getting stuck in the ignition it happens all the time

I cannot turn my car off it stays running and the key will not turn it seems to be getting stuck in the ignition it happens all the time