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My mechanic hard wired my cooling fan because I run a mail route. But it has quit and been replaced 3 times in 6 months. He says it should last longer than that, but doesn't know why it won't. Is there another way to pull heat out of the engine compartment?
It starts up fine and then the engine light comes on and then after a while it stalls at any speed and then starts up 1st try but it stalls at high speeds on the freeway and it is HARD to steer and stop it so it is dangerous. We have replaced the alternator,
I need help ASAP since my children are driving the car on the highway at 70mph and it stalls.
Fist it was codes p01401 n p0404 replaced egr valve n catalyst converter erased the codes and was fine for a few days but now I got code p0401???
brake and turn signal lamps still work is problem in the bulb sockets or a possible broken ground wire. thanks for any help
For a while when I shut off my car it would make a hissing type squealing noise. Now it started to happen when I drive also; but it would stop hissing when I put the fan on. Sometimes when i change the temp controls it will stop but not all the time. It only stops ALL the time when i put on the fan. What could this be?
My Buick is smoking white smoke from hood and I,m afraid if I drive to machanic shop it will start a fire what can be causeing smoke it just started a few days ago
problem with horn and dash not working, checked all fuses and relays, all good, need some more areas to check, is there a fusiable link to these and if so, where is it located ?
checked all fuses and relays and they are good, unpluged wire harness from dash and repluged, no luck
the fuse on the passenger side ( 1e 15 amp) was blown. I replaced it and it blew again right fuse and IP fuse is fine...please help
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