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I can go about 60 miles then it will die wait bout 15 minutes it starts gain and then it dies about evert 5 miles my security light is on and also when it fies all dh bord lights come on then they go off nd the only light on is the security lightand ometimes check ingine light comes on then goes off

Temp control doesn't work, continuously blows hot air through vents.
My girlfriend just bought a 1992 Buick century, it has 110,000 miles on it, there is nothing wrong that I know of and it seems to be an awesome car! But one issue we're having is it's going into gear really hard, but doesn't shift hard? When we put it in reverse it clanks and shakes the car, it does the same when we put it in drive. But it doesn't shift hard on the road, and sometimes we can feel it downshift, what could this possibly be? There's no check engine lights on, and the transmission fluid doesn't look all that bad! I know enough about cars because I work at a quick lube and preventative maintence store but don't know anything about older cars, is it normal for this to occur with these? Or could my transmission be going out?
Transmission also shifts hard plenty of fluids
We removed the bar holding it down, but there is no room the way it is designed to lift it straight up. Thank you
I went through a water puddle that was deeper than I thought. Since then my blower only works on high and doesn't always come through the dash vents. I am trying to figure out if it is the blower motor or the blower motor resistor. Is there any test to perform to know which one it is? Tight on money right now.
need help with the fuse's how do I know which one is for the speedometer. my manual states its #10 but there are others showing #10 as well, does the box start top left to top right or top left and going down then back up. Please help.
I've replaced the driver and rear passenger side calipers and none of the windows work.
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