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no air I checked the fuses they are fine but getting no electricty to the clutch

I want to thank all for the help on blower--lots of good help--went well AFTER I removed blower motor. Got screws out (even the hard one) with 7/32 ignition open end wrench.
03 Buick Century

/Thanks to all
Allen Bridgman

do you have to remove the blower fan to get to the resister that controls fan speeds?

fan does not work on low. works on 3s 2/3/4/

how long will it take to replace pressure and return hoses on the power steering.

I have constant hot air coming into cabin even when ac or heater is off.also hot air on driver side only, when ac is on,passenger side gets cold.any tips on problem

coolant level keeps getting low, keep putting coolant but I notice coolant on inside floor on driver's side.

I already bought the catalytic converter just need to get it installed. What would the cost be for installation only?

how about mileage

i like to know to when i beark it down. do i have to take it to a shop to have it work on to press it out[wheel bearing] in have another one press in...........

Must keep it on lo setting, seems to keep working. I can sometimes turn the car off and then on and then they will work again. Putting it on pulse they stop and stay in that position.

Lights do not work, now will not go over 45 mph??

i changed air filter and egr valve

I have a 2004 Buick Century and the headlights need to be adjusted up to see better. What's the best way to get them properly adjusted?

wheel cylinder leaked, need to replace shoes,picture please.

Loosing break fluid but no sign of leak. I have to add fluid about once a month.I replaced both rear brake cylinders about 6 months ago.

driver side wiper is off track. it swings off the windshield.

the lower control arm bushings need to be replaced

water sprays from area of the water pump when car is running

The rear window of my car not working why?

My odometer light is out for days at a time, then it will just come on for a few days then go back out.

My right rear brake cylinder is leaking. How do I repair it?

the esngine won't start even with starting fluid

My brother (an auto mechanic in Florida) thinks the throttle clip on my Century is broken or malfunctioning. The car will drive for awhile but then when I engage the pedal the car will rev and sometimes go forward but then not other times. He really thinks it is not the transmission. I have 200,000 on the car.

how do you remove a sun visor arm from the roof mount?

where is fuel pump on 1988 buickpark ave.

All my Power Windows don't work at all, when I stop my wipers they stop at half way.My engine light is on, the mechanic said it was my exhaust he changed it and my sensor the light is still on. The car run grate need to inspect it next month don't know what to do, please help don't have money for another car right now.

whats causes my ac fuse to keep blowing in my car and also my gas hand stays on full most of the time but we thought it was the sensor in the gas tank so we took it out and the gas hand still stayed on full when we had that out so what could be the problem? and my odometer light comes on sometimes

Replaced transmission; water assembly hose/pump;new thermostat and all fluid levels checked and filled in 1989 Buick century w/ 100,000+ miles. I have added anti-freeze twice in reservoir in the last month.No signs that there might be a leak. Once I pull off road and wait the needle falls to center of gauge but within minutes of driving it goes right back to hot.

My car will just die every now and then when I am driving or stopped at a light for no reason at all. The cars runs great but it does this sometimes. The car will always start right back up but when it stalls. Just horrible though when u are driving 35 mph and ur car just dies though.