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Service engine light is on but noticed there is also a service vehicle light which is not on
Keeps blowing everytime crank it
2000 Buick century runs great then while in drive it boggs out in drive then i had to push it in a parking lot have to wait a hr or less to start up the bits fine again what is the main issue also the gas floats more than it should not too bad bud goes to empty n back weird plz help note this is the second fuel issue bought pump last year than it does again need help in detail digram
Location of filter .. trying to get help on if any fuel electric wires etc are the problem and to see if it is the fuel pump and not nothing else don't wanna burn up any parts
Century 2002 custom.
The car cranks and after about 8 seconds kill. Only when it's cold. After getting to the normal temperature it kills sometimes. then whenever I step on the gas pedal, it doesn't accelerate with power, or constantly, it feels like it goes up and down, but never get to the normal point of power, and takes forever to get to 40, it's like it doesn't have power. I checked all the fuses they're good, and I changed throttle position sensor, the one under it, cleaned the throttle, cleaned the MAF, and it doesn't give me codes... People said catalyst converter, but it doesn't get red... And I changed the oxygen sensor on it too... IDK what else to do.
Please help...
Thanks and God bless
Just not doing anything the other windows are working an I bought a new regulator 1mth ago and it worked fine ..
my car is an automatic it will shift gears once i get going. It just does not accelerate from a complete stop I have to put the car in 2nd gear to get going. Sometimes the car accelerates and is good for awhile then it goes back to not accelerating. I think there is a short in the wiring. I replaced the vacuum modular and the car accelerated, then stopped.
Started driving and my temp gauge went to max hot. Turned around and headed home and the gauge went back to normal. Don't know why
unsure but running the ac on the car does not overheat or spike its in the center but once its off it goes up and when i turn off the car or on park i can feel the heat underneath the car, what could it possibly be?
How long have you had this problem? for over a week
None of my windows won't let down
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? Since I bought this car
After window box panel was replace the button light up but I still have same issue meaning 3 of 4 windows either go down and not up all the way or not at all or if you put the window down just a little it is the same. They work to go down or won't go down at all or go down then I need 3 of 4 window motors now?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Replace switch box for window panel but window do not work properly sometimes go down and won't go sometimes they start going down and stop sometimes they when going down or up and sometimes they go down.
How long have you had this problem? Started after the window was left a couple inches and it rained hard...replaced window button panel but I still have same problem do I need to replace 3 of 4 window motors now?
There's also a security light on
When air conditioner is on I hear a bearing noise
What could the problem be
It's won't start no clicking no ignition
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