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horn dont work fuses r good ?
vaf,baro map defective vaf defective or dirty,whats all this mean to me
my drivers information center goes blank it usually resets itself this has happened to me 5 times and tire warning lite on and the tires are fine this is so weird.
Buick diagnosis listed bearings and motor mounts need to be replaced also service engine soon light on
I drained battery so jumped it, and its fine but volt light still on.
As the fuel becomes less the gauge reads higher than actually is.
this is the first time the controls wouldnt work on drivers side door and window control for backseat left door
On top of motor next to alternator
Newly purchased Lacrosse shows the check engine light when the key is turned but the car is off. It shows all the warning lights which all disappear except the check engine light. As soon as the car starts, the light ...
I can hear the motor of the window regulator working but I'm getting no movement upward. When it first happened I heard a clunk & the window slid down. Do you think that the regulator became detached but still works?...
The power locks and power windows that do function are currently not working, though the power mirror adjust is; the radio normally turns off when the door is open, but it stays on until the time limit is reached when...
Wires setting on distributor
my riviera cuts out under load runs ok until you give it 1/2 full throttle,have mass sensor,intake air temp,spark plugs
Still not working. What could be the problem?
I have a 2000 Buick Regal that with about 135,000 miles on it and it randomly shuts off. It will cut of once a day and sometimes 10 times a day. It starts right back up with no problem and mechanics cant find the prob...
Air will come out the defroster and feet but not out the vents. No issues with fan speeds or volume of air.
Heard ticking In dash car stalled. Rolled to the stop would crank. Waited 30 then stared. No check light ever came on. Just had car washed then this happened. Still doing same thing.
Daughter drove it home about 20 miles, sat untill she turned 18, about 8 months. We put a new battery in it cranks but wont fire. Sprayed starter fluid and fires a few seconds then nada. Could it be the relay or does...
All possible causes