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While backing up my front end right side popped really loud. Now my ABS/TRACTION CONTROL light is on . I'd like to have a estimated cost too repair
I have a 2002 Buick rendezvous with 130k miles on it. Gaskets are all fine. Replaced water pump, temp sensor, and thermostat. You can drive the suv about 2 miles and it over heats. Thinking we have a clogged radiator but not exactly sure. When it over heats the resivoir tank sucks in a little and once you shut the car off the coolant rushes into the overflow tank. Almost like a vacuum once you turn off the car it flows fast. What the hell is going on with this damn thing? Tired of dumping money into it left and right I want it fixed!!
New blower motor, blower motor resister . Has power but doesn't go on. What am I missing?
My hood won't close all the way and I tried the rubber bumbers an it didn't help would it cause my battery to die if it says on my dashboard to check my hood and how would I fix hood to where it closes all the way so it doesn't show up on my dash board
seems to make a noise when you start driving. Also when you drive or turn corners it makes a almost a grunting sound
In the morning battery is dead.brand new battery
When I turn the switch on my parking lights the side ones come on and the turn signals and Hazards work but the bottom two lights do not stay steady burning why please help
I noticed this a couple of days ago I use my parking lights regularly so I noticed the problem two days ago does it have a fuse or relay to those lights? When I use the signal or hazard they work fine can't get them to turn on with other ones when I push the switch to on..
Thanks,Dave I checked the fuel pressure after I replace the fuel filter and it's at 35 to 38.
I have a 1988 Buick LeSabre it had been sitting for a few years it has 125000 miles on it I have put Crank senor wires plugs coil model fuel filter mfs . runs good for 30 to 45 minutes.and then start running ruff and thoughts a Crank senor code.
Happen when headlights on, battery light on and off water in lights 2003 mercury sable
U have to pump them for it to stop properly . Fluid is full they were fine 3 days ago. Just last 2 days every time I stop
Keeps blowing everytime crank it
fuel fplter on buick where buick 2008 lucerne
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