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Thanks,Dave I checked the fuel pressure after I replace the fuel filter and it's at 35 to 38.
I have a 1988 Buick LeSabre it had been sitting for a few years it has 125000 miles on it I have put Crank senor wires plugs coil model fuel filter mfs . runs good for 30 to 45 minutes.and then start running ruff and thoughts a Crank senor code.
Happen when headlights on, battery light on and off water in lights 2003 mercury sable
U have to pump them for it to stop properly . Fluid is full they were fine 3 days ago. Just last 2 days every time I stop
Keeps blowing everytime crank it
fuel fplter on buick where buick 2008 lucerne
Makes whistling sound when accelerating.Checked MAF sensor and is okay.Loss of power
2000 Buick century runs great then while in drive it boggs out in drive then i had to push it in a parking lot have to wait a hr or less to start up the bits fine again what is the main issue also the gas floats more than it should not too bad bud goes to empty n back weird plz help note this is the second fuel issue bought pump last year than it does again need help in detail digram
Location of filter .. trying to get help on if any fuel electric wires etc are the problem and to see if it is the fuel pump and not nothing else don't wanna burn up any parts
Remember hearing a loud crackling noise come out of speaker
makes a noise sometimes cant explain, has started pulling to the right
I have a 2009 Buick Enclave. The radio only has a cd/aux butting no DVD option. The DVD player is an audiovox. How do I hear the DVD. Movie player comes in but even the headphones are fuzzy and can't hear anything.
My trunk pad just stopped working. Also upon buying my car heat element was broken. About a year later after repair it is broke again.
got a tune up, new icm. Same coils though. The car accelerated to 30 then slowly goes past 30. However when I press down on the gas about halfway. It accelerates past 30 faster. Not a normal fast but a good speed. What would be the problem ? Also I hear this sound like metal discs are sliding against each other and another sound in the mornings like a crank noise. Like I can't build up enough speed to get on the freeway. I've gotten on once when it was slow. And I got over 70 eventually. It revs normal. Doesn't over heat
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