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I just put in a you steering column from a junkyard hook everything back up turn the key nothing happens what do I have to do do I have to reprogram it
Traction control works fine but the nagging alarm alert, ding,ding,ding, does not turn off
HVAC display works just fine but the blower does not. I used to be able to have the passenger kick under the dash and it would come back on but that quit working. Also the trunk popper button quit working slowly, sometimes it would sometimes it wouldn't and one day it just stopped. Same with the lighters. If you could help me in any way I'd be greatful, thank you.
Trying to figure out humming noise becoming louder...
Sound louder at 45mph and up
When I crank my car up it has rattling knocking type sound. And when I start my car and put it in reverse it sputters and shuts off so then I have to restart it.. what could this be
I have a cracked engine cradle I was wondering if I should fix it. and the cost?
My 2002 Buick Lesabre starts but then shuts off. I can be on the road or in my drive way. Sometimes it seems like it works just fine but then it shuts off. I can start it up with one turn. It accelerates on its own. I have already changed the fuel pump, coils,spark plugs, vacuum hose, map sensor, Intake manifold,fuel pressure regulator vacuum. So could it be that another vacuum hoses is leaking and how do I go about finding it. Ty
The check engine light keep coming on and when I went to get it check. They said that my 02 sensor is bad, I need to get a new catalytic converter.
While backing up my front end right side popped really loud. Now my ABS/TRACTION CONTROL light is on . I'd like to have a estimated cost too repair
I have a 2002 Buick rendezvous with 130k miles on it. Gaskets are all fine. Replaced water pump, temp sensor, and thermostat. You can drive the suv about 2 miles and it over heats. Thinking we have a clogged radiator but not exactly sure. When it over heats the resivoir tank sucks in a little and once you shut the car off the coolant rushes into the overflow tank. Almost like a vacuum once you turn off the car it flows fast. What the hell is going on with this damn thing? Tired of dumping money into it left and right I want it fixed!!
New blower motor, blower motor resister . Has power but doesn't go on. What am I missing?
My hood won't close all the way and I tried the rubber bumbers an it didn't help would it cause my battery to die if it says on my dashboard to check my hood and how would I fix hood to where it closes all the way so it doesn't show up on my dash board
seems to make a noise when you start driving. Also when you drive or turn corners it makes a almost a grunting sound
In the morning battery is dead.brand new battery
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