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have 245/70/17 on the vehicle now. recommended tire size is 245/65/17

water pump removal and replacement, 95 buick roadmaster

We have replaced the battery, alternator, and also the crankshaft position sensor. We have tried a mass air flow sensor and a module sensor that did no good. The fuel pump is still pushing out around 47 pounds which is normal.

transmission hesitate when changes from first to second gear

My engine is frozen up I need to replace it. How much time does it take to do that

My car sounds like a airplane when I go over 35 mph. What would make this happen?

Now car noise increase when I accelerate, Some time when I stop at traffic light the car makes loud rattling noise example (loose pipes that need clamps to prevent exhaust moving?

starts and runs, will suddenly qit , go to neutral, shut ignition off &will run again, first start in am or pm, will start then quit, restart and quit ,restart give a pump and runs. all this is intermittantly with no warning.

need to find out if the pump works or problem is with shocks or lines

2005 rendezvous

As long as I hold the switch down the CC works fine. Can replacing the switch solve the problem? Hate to have to pay for a diagnostic if this is a common problem. Saw where someone said I can replace it myself. Seems if it was a fuse it wouldn't work at all.

Don't want to break anything

Never open since I bought it

rolling down the road, engine will shut off,,start right up,, misses when power is applied. idles fine, but will shut down after a minute, not overheating.

2001 Lesabre, had intermittent gas guage that is now binary - FULL or EMPTY, nothing in between. Been using the trip odometer. ECM EVAP test and CAT test are incomplete after much driving and cycles. Could the in operative gas gauge prevent these tests from running IF tank needs to be between 85 and 50% full?

I can drive a mile or 10 miles doesn't matter. Once I turn it off it will be an hour or so before it will crank. The engine turns over so it's not the battery. I am wondering during that time is something draining or cooling? I have had a couple of things replaced but has not helped. Mechanic is even stumped. If you want to know what I have had replaced I will have to check. Don't know the names. All I know is the Walmart greeters are tired of me sitting in their parking lot. Please help.

All bolts removed from mount but won't come out

Could it be a memcal error,. It stalls when I start, when I brake. But always restarts And is running rough.

will read codes AM tomorrow...thanks

My driver's door window won't open with the control, but opens all the way every time I start the car. I can close it, at least for now. Will it stop closing if I don't get it fixed? Will it be expensive to fix?

r and r rear hub now abs and awd light comes on and engine performance is sub par

Compressor will not engage

i would like best custom writing online so that i think about buying car from online.

where is thermostat and how do I check if fan is working

the wires are hanging from the tire in the back

Start up fine when u put it in gear if drives but won't change out of first gear

Is synthetic transmission fluid used in this car?

The box is on the side of the seat and in a vinyl enclosure that is normally within the seat. Now it is hanging out. Not sure if something broke or what?

Started after i replaced ball joints. I replaced vc shaft but didnt help.

once it's started the issue goes away until the next fill up.