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if I give it more gas I have no issues, but if I give it steady throttle at 45mph or above sometimes I get the bump feeling in the car. sorry its the only way I can describe it.
It runs fine and out of the blue sputters and cuts off let it cool and it will go again but I'm sure its not the fuel pump that's all I know to tell
Im trying to install a blower motor resistor in my lesabre, 97. W got everything off, and we went to install the new part, (Duralast part # JA1619) that we bought from Ato Zone, and we can't seem to get the new part to go in all the way. Is there something we're missing?
Speedometer started working off and on now saying I’m going 120 all the time
The on star tech told Me to take it in for service and said the module must be faulty after several attempts to connect. Who should pay for this repair? I just purchased the car less than a month ago no warranty. Is this something that on star would pay for?
O2 sensor already replaced. Cheked gas cap. Cel will stay on for quite a white but then it will go out. There is also a small leak piddling around passenger front tire. Leak is not oil or gas. Only slight film on top of what appears to be water. Not coming from a/c where car has just been turned off. Appears later. There is a clicking noise when turning the steering wheel.
All it does its cranking but won't start
door handle is askew-looks like handle linkage/spring broken etc.. Can open door from outside fine.
How many supercharged rivieras were manufactured in 95?
There's a cylinder 3 misfire with a knock in the plenum surrounding cylinder 3. Lower speeds and lower torque cause knocking to lower as well. If unhook the #3 plug, the knocking stops completely
when it is cold outside under 35 degrees i have a squeal more so when i turn to the right when i turn to the left it seems to go away it was doing it when i got the car 3 years ago and has not quit even when i have changed the hub ass
It was working then just stoped.
How to change the front end differential
How to change the front end differential
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