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so i turned it off then sat then started bacc up n it took off drove for a few then started slipping again so i changed the filter/screen put all new fluid n it drove for a whole day then started doin it again but if i turn it off then start it bacc up it drives for a few then does it again does this mean my trans is gone
where is the command center? If once we get out and manually unlock all the doors it will function normally for awhile
The car is in collectable conditions, has been kept by my father as his little girl, perfect conditions, now the engine is broke and to expensive to repair, only for the emotional value I am looking for an used engine in fair conditions that keep the car running.
locating heater control valve on 1992 Buick roadmaster?
I rotated my tires recently and within two days the break light and traction control lights are on (started as intermittant). Also, when I start the car the alarm sound comes on (the 10 ding ding sound) and the display shows to service break system, traction control system and two more. Breaks work fine, same as before rotation. Thought maybe I could have knocked something loose.
also level sennsor
starting to leak pretty bad
started 3 days ago. some hesitation when going from stop to acceleration. Now will not pull in drive at all,but runs ok in 2&1 gear. transmission fluid OK
replaced the mass airflow sensor, solved the stalling problem, but the vehicle still has some issues with running smoothly and not hesitatiing or seems like it is not hitting on all plugs. seems to be skipping, checked code on meter, mass airflow sensor, and gas cap, which was replaced less than a year ago. With both parts less than a year old, where do I turn to find out what the issue is?
My car has 120,000 miles on it and I've just started noticing a problem. My mechanic told me @ 6 months ago it would need to be replaced soon.
just aquired had no key so had dealer make me on, went home to program and the security light is on the whole time and wont do nothing
100,000 mile check-up
vehicle has 90,700 miles
it is on flatground
my auto repair worker told us that repair for steering including tie rods and bolts would cost $600 because it was shaky and worn. Also front wheel alignment cost
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