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I can't find where the power steering is located

Changed fluid and filter 4 times run good in start off but won't shift into 2nd making plinking sound what wrong

Why no air is coming out front vents

So driving today on the interstate my car suddenly activated the cruise control that I don't supposedly have. I'm perplexed at how this happened, and as with most screw ups this was unusual as it was so perfect. Most cruise controls 'flutter' the speed within 3-4 mph of what was set and this stayed at a perfect 80 mph and 2.25 rpm. I found it glorious as I don't normally have this feature, but I am wondering how this magical moment happened.

lites on dash liteup but no sparks

The water pump hose is expanding looks as if its going to bust when car is running.

It will shift and drop into reverse, will not drop into drive or drive 2 but will in drive 1.just started today.

changed wire conector and connected direct line but have same results

does not blow cold air when sitting still

After the head gasket got on I drove for a week now my car won't crank and it seems as if the battery is dead not sure

The dealer we bought it from told us now, that the calibers in the turbo are not right. This is only in the Encore and they have said there's nothing they can do and that using higher octane gas might, might solve the problem. We did not buy a new car to have this and not be told about it. Were told by the Asst. Manage in the service dept. that the Engineers don't know how to fix this either(as far as he knows) We feel that we were lied to from day one because of this. we like the car, but when it's hot and you press on the gas and nothing really happens, and the only way to "get going" is to punch it, and use more gas is not a good thing. Plus the AC has a mind of it's own, it will lower the fan speed from high to mid range on it's own or just cut off altogether. Suggestions?

today the air started out on the mid vents than after 5 min switched to floor vents than defrost

while driving

Not sure where the mode door acuator is located

Having trouble with the coolant system. Live in Vegas so its hot as **** right now, unfortunately.

In the last two weeks, I've had the thermostat and the water pump replaced. However, my car is still "eating up" coolant - it takes several days to go from "mostly full" to about half empty.

I do note small puddles sometimes when I drive away from a particular location, which would apply I have a small leak.

I've been told that at this point in time, I need to pressure test the system. If there is an external leak, it will show up. If there is no external leak, the pressure will likely drop somewhat, which would imply a head gasket fissure/leak.

Does this sound right? What's everyone's experience with a head gasket issue vs. a "leak" issue on a 2008 Buick LaCrosse? Obviously, I much rather would prefer this to be a leak issue, such as where a hose meets a metal connector, or perhaps a pinhole leak.

does not accelerate to pick up speed or going uphill

I replaced the climate control module and programmer. Ac still defaults to defroster and floor when set to mid vents

Cooling fan didn't run, Found blown fusible link. Replaced it and new one blew when fan started to run. Current fan motor shows less than 2 ohmns resistance across the terminals. Cooling fan resistor is cracked and I can't find a replacement part number.

a complete tune up

Move at all put it in gear and nothing

low beam goes off at random times but the high beam still works what is the problem already changed the relay swithch no help

It's a 1994buick lesabre

tranny makes a winding souynd

Transmission wont engage at times when i shift from reverse to drive

LED is partially out; part flickers ewhen brake applied

There is nothing wrong with the catalytic converter but I keep getting the code for it. What's causing this?

When vehicle is in drive going from 1st to 2nd gear or starting off it acts as if in neutral until you let off gas for a few seconds then it engages it occurs if you hit a bump or sometimes when turning a corner

Are these known problems with the Northstar motors

I have had the car in three difference shops and no one can find out why. I start the car in my drive way and I can let it run for an hour or more with no trouble. If I drive it down the road it will blow a modules and i will have to have it towed to a shop.