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It starts overheating after 10min of driving then I start to hear bubbling noises. I’ve checked for leaks an nothing fans work fine
I’ve checked water pump but no leaks or no noise.
While driving the car sputters and loses power. Feels like it's going to stall while driving.
it is like a very faint ding ding ding, if I then manage to get out of congested area and fasten up the noise does not occur again for the rest of the trip, no matter how long it is.
Why does my heater blow out cold air
Start up car when put gear to reverse it shuts off even if I put the gear to drive. Then the engine light turns on and the start button stays green
when i first attempted to start the car it acted as though the engine was trying to start but just sounded very weak before it would then just shut down and it would just start making a clicking noise while trying to start, i tried to boost car but same thing is still happening, could it still be battery or fuse box shows it has fuse for batt:1-2-3, am totally confused, not a technician, which goes without saying but if it is half way simple am always ready to do what i can to save a repair bill,(retired) any help would be appreciated
When driving the security light goes on and beeps, the radio goes off and on, then everything goes on and off on the dashborard. gas gauge don't work, speedometer goes on and off. etc.
Where is the fuse for the on star, cigarette lighter?
after starting car brake lights illuminate when cold. after car warms up the lights operate normal. cant use auto start when cold
A/c light comes on with auto heat control no matter what the outside temperature. This morning it was -14 F and it went on. I can't find anywhere in the manual that it's supposed to.
dashboard warning messages keep popping on , check tire pressure, abs light , gas cap loose. all these things have been checked out and are fine,
When I come to a stop I can not run the steering wheel.
On my Buick 2011 Enclave, the heater and the A/C works fine BUT the air is only directed on the floor vents.The defroster air is limited as is the front vents.The blower is blowing strongly, it is just with a minimum of air flow.
Engine idle is good then it starts rough idle and goes back to good idle
replaced crank sensor did not help. One mechanic said it could be a ignition module. The buick dealer says it is an overheated "lock up" transmission.
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