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thumping noise, passenger rear tire is sticking outward a ways
The lights come on but engine will not turn over. If I cross at the silenoid the car will start. What is the most common cause of the car engine not cranking/running.
Fell through passenger side of the defrost vent. Easy way to try to retrieve it?
Heating system keeps blowing out cold air.
Wipers made one full motion and stopped in the middle of the next wipe. Could this be a fuse or is motor likely blown?
My car cuts off after fill ups. It will start back up, but it usually cuts off several times, before running without stopping again.
I've replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter already in July. It didn't solve the problem.
Took it to a mechanic that said to punch it very hard to make it work, (!) but said otherwise the only solution would be to take the entire dashboard off to get the cd player out, which would cost more than I would want to pay.
3.5l engine, a diagram would be nice too
I can hear it actuating all the time I'm driving.
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