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So the heater on my 1999 Buick regal LS does not work. The fan works fine. And I have not checked DAC. I put a thermometer in the van and because it's winter it goes from like 40° to 45°. The fans were great but the temperature control face is not lit up. any ideas?
After having some work done on my radiator, it being removed and put back on my hood wouldn't open. After hours of trying we force it open. My car was running before when the hood was opened. The airbag sensor was hit with a tool in the process could this keep it from starting

The mount bracket is a plastic piece that the light assembly bolts to and was attached to the bumper by heat at the factory
Tach erratic, bounces at will but mostly rests at zero. Do not know what drives the tach, mechanical, electrical or vacuum but wonder if this is a precursor of future joy with my beloved Buick!
My car has been accelerating when i drive. I let the gas pedal go and the car keeps going and it picks up speed as if I'm pushing the pedal. I have taken it to 3 mechanics and they can't find the problem.It also looks like it wants to heat up but never heats up. So far they have put in the following: Radiator,water pump, Mass air flow, coolant sensor, air intake valve. Nothing has helped and i feel like the car is getting worst. Please help if anybody has heard of this and how it was fixed.
the car generally runs fantastic it just started this hesitation.when you are accelerating from a dead stop the car sputters as if it is on that ground by a toll. But if you roll just a bit first it goes just fine! after that it rides great.
was an intermittent problem, if you waited 20 minutes it would start. now nothing. could the passkey iii be a problem? what alarms would prevent cranking over?
The car was a one owner, fully serviced with 26 car.facts documentations traded back to the dealer where I bought it 8 months ago. I have already replaced the front door speakers, $550, front corner ball joint. $400, high end floor mats, $125. I paid a little over $10,000. The car has 120,000 miles on it, but is the CXL, luxury model with power seats, sun roof and leather seats with high end sound system.
Should I trade it in, cut my losses or accept the fact that I will need to make the needed repairs on an 8 year old car?
recently started riding very stiff on the back. had checked at two dealerships . one thought might be wrong shock. the other said compressor was not working. don't know what to do next. whats wrong
A few months ago, I wasn't able to change the direction of the air flow coming from the dashboard. The only direction it comes from is up my windshield. And now just a couple weeks ago, I would have my air flow on high, then while driving it would suddenly stop to nothing, so I would turn the knob back to off and continue back up until I could feel air coming out again. Finally just a couple days ago, I hopped into my car to go to work and there is no air flow, except for when it is on high. I try not to keep it on high all the time while driving only because I'm afraid it'll shut off on me again and then it may never work at all. Any advice?
I bought a used car (Buick century 1999)with 110,000 miles. All my window are working except the passenger's window. It's all the way down and when i pull it manually it will come up but once i release it, it falls back. Is this a common problem with Buicks. I need help how to fix it, any idea how to do it?
Transmission shifter hard to shift button hard to press down
all at the same time? The doors were left open for a few hours as I had the windshield replaced and I'm trying not to blame the windshield repair shop... Yes I do believe in coincidences... Or should I?
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