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how long to replace transmission lines
check relays and fuses ok, check continuity from relay and fuse to fan ok
what did I miss.
can a leaky water pump cause your steering wheel to lock up when you come to a complete stop (FYI) i just had my car serviced because my power steering was failing.
i had my power steering serviced, was failing
Replaced the idle control valve, tpc, fuel filter, fuel pump and problem is EXACTLY the same. Kills sometimes when i take my foot off the gas,,,,have to press on gas to start up, idles rough sometimes. I'm at my wits end---have spent thousands and the problem is exactly the same
2005 buick ranier cxl 6 cyl been like that for 2 weeks or more now ..replaced dim bulbs wont come on, old ones were fine , but new still dont work,i have brights tho, what could be the problem ? checked fuses replaced , still no dim lights , very frustrated , love my ranier , not so much now tho .also heated seats back only works on drivers side ,been 6 months now no one knows what can be the problem . no seat bottom heat > cant find fuse for them ,is there a separate fuse for bottom and back heated seats ? help please,,FRustrated in ga ......
The noise sounds like the coil spring is loose.i took the wheel off and checked to see if everything was installed properly and everything is ok.all bolts are tight and in what is wrong.the noise seems louder when I hit a bump or on turns.
The car has a brand new alternator so I know it can't be that
Takes ten minutes to pump the gas click by click Help??
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