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I just bought it yesterday the previous owner said it needed power steering fluid is it also possible that a smog check could have caused this.

It seems everytime I have my brakes changed on my Rendezvous I am told that the rotors need to be replaced. Is this normal. I thought they could turn the rotors instead of replacing them. The service adds another $200 to $300 for the work.

One rear shock has oil leaking, but air suspension does not seem to be a problem. When I had tires replaced, I was told that I had a leaking shock. I had previously seen that while replacing brake pads, so I have a pair of the shocks. If I wait to replace them, will the air compressor for these air shocks also need replacing?

starter lock in fly wheel.

I push on the gas petal and i swear i could push the car faster then it goes and in a 1/4 mile it would normally get up to 60 less then halfway through a 1/4 mile and now i am lucky to 45 now in a 1/4 mile. (The 1/4 mile is from my diveway to the stop sign at the end of my road.) Then one day went to auto zone to get a cooling fan relay (Just the high fan) put the new one in and that is when it started not getting up and going) But once you get up to speed, well basically once your in 3rd gear or higher, no poblems, i can step on the gas and it gets up and goes like it should runs beautiful, but come to a stop and it take for ever to get up to speed. Before it had overheating issues because we didn't know it at the time that the cooling fans didn't work and it was super hot this past summer and there is a small crack in the radiator. Could it have something to do with the vacuum system, ive checked the lines and they are good, and connected they are only about 6 months old. (It is the 3.8Litter V6 and the tranny was rebuilt about a year ago because it was slipping. ) It would be awesome if you could answer this question. Thank you

4 wheel brake job resurface 4 rotors replace pads

I took my car in to check out the engine check light which is on. They said it needs a new computer module. After talk to a freind of mine he stated that it is usually a faulty wire. How long should it take for a machnic to go thru and check out the wiring for the computer and what should the charge to replace it.

I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my Mom's car, a 2002 Buick LaSabre. Here are the issues: First, windshield wipers would not turn off (for a couple of weeks) even when they were in the "off" position, now the windshield wipers won't work anymore; the emergency brake light stays on when the emergency brake is not set; the ABS system warning light is on (and has been on for months now); the car starts some times and some times it won't. My experience is that it doesn't "sound" like it's trying to start. There is a little click sound though when trying to start the car. Any suggestions?

then somtimes it runs fine for afew days then it stalls again

no leaks all seems to work no heat

Knocking sound from underneath vehicle; diagnosed as a bent flywheel.

how do I get into the housing in which the brake light bulb fits?

Have Installed New fuel pump,crank sencer,key and switch,

I have a vat key that broke off in the ignitiomn

car just shuts down,and or misses often.

When we turn the key there is nothing. The only thing that works is the power seats. We have checked fuses that we can to our best and they are good. Any ideas???

what replacement part do i need to fix this problem

2006 buick lucerne cxs 4.6 cylinder 7 misfire changed coil no fix, ordered injector, pulled injector wire no change in engine idle. pulled cylinder 1 injector wire substantial misfire noticed. if injctor does not fix is there a fuel computer or just ECU. any suggestions. thank you Chip

My Mom just got this car ... suddenly the horn went off. This was after it was at a dealership for some other work and for a state inspection. This is the first time it happened and want to know what else we can do to prevent it in the future with the exception of disabling the horn all together?

new fuel pump installed about tw months ago. car in the last two weeks hasnt statrted but it sounds like it will, eventually after 45 minutes to an hour it will. someone had mentioned possible water in gas...sometimes there is a strong gas smell....could the nrew fuel pump be defective? does water get in fuel tank due to a faulty fuel pump?? any ideas????

the heater system blows cold unresponsive to temp control

car didn't run hot

I've been detecting a mis/hesitation thought maybe it was the transmission. Also the headlights brighten when I accelerate. Just replaced the headlight switch on the dash.

this will be the fourth.

I can not change from a/c to heat to defrost anything. The display does not work. The buttons do not work. Every once in a blue moon it will kick on and work. Whats the problem

i may have install it wrong,toward the engine or the fender.

had work done in summer.

The ride is bumpy at times

I do have parking lights but no DRL(Daytime Running Lights)

I've noticed that my 06 Buick Lacrosse makes a light rattling noise upon start up when the engine is cool. This lasts for about 5-10 minutes until the engine warms up and happens whether it is in idle or is being driven. The noise disappears completely once engine is warm. This happens everyday and has been happening for the last month. It does not seem to matter what the temperature is since it has been 80 some days and in the 40's these last few days upon start up. No indicator warning lights go on and the car drives smooth so not real sure if I should get it checked out or not. I have checked other websites and read that there is a piece of plastic that is being hit by a fan and there is nothing that can be done except getting that piece of plastic cut so that the noise disappears. Any advice?