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How do I remove the plastic cover screws
I have had this car over the summer, and it was okay. I started driving it in the school year/end of summer when it would start to die a little while after driving. Three lights would flash on the dash (volts, oil, and temp) and it would not start until about 5 minutes after it had died. My step-dad said he had cleaned the coil pack (forgive me if I don't know what I am talking about) and it stayed fine until last week. It started to do this, but even worse. Some days it won't even start.
Please help
ABS & AWD disabled lights are on. Scanned at oreilly and it read right front wheel speed sensor was bad. I want to verify this before I replace the sensor. Is there a procedure I can run through.
how long to replace transmission lines
check relays and fuses ok, check continuity from relay and fuse to fan ok
what did I miss.
can a leaky water pump cause your steering wheel to lock up when you come to a complete stop (FYI) i just had my car serviced because my power steering was failing.
i had my power steering serviced, was failing
Replaced the idle control valve, tpc, fuel filter, fuel pump and problem is EXACTLY the same. Kills sometimes when i take my foot off the gas,,,,have to press on gas to start up, idles rough sometimes. I'm at my wits end---have spent thousands and the problem is exactly the same
2005 buick ranier cxl 6 cyl been like that for 2 weeks or more now ..replaced dim bulbs wont come on, old ones were fine , but new still dont work,i have brights tho, what could be the problem ? checked fuses replaced , still no dim lights , very frustrated , love my ranier , not so much now tho .also heated seats back only works on drivers side ,been 6 months now no one knows what can be the problem . no seat bottom heat > cant find fuse for them ,is there a separate fuse for bottom and back heated seats ? help please,,FRustrated in ga ......
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