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it just dont make a sound like it used to
When car starts. The gears don't shift. It stays on parking even when shifted.
Car shakes violently until RPM needle reaches lower level from 1000 to 700 on cold start. Needle does not fluctuate back and forth during decline, just declines in increments in one direction. Before repair of worn engine gaskets RPM needle remained steady at 1000.
Transmission malfunction light came on, car wouldn't move out of park. Turned off, turned back on, driving fine, check engine light on only
Car drives fine. Consistent abs warning light followed by check engine soon light. It is a 2011 328i hard top convertible. Only 58,000 miles.
My ac dosnt get cold ive had a regas the pump is kicking in ive also changed the acu sensor still not getting cold any help or suggestion thankd
My ac dosnt get cold ive had a regas the pump is kicking in ive also changed the acu sensor not sure what else to do thanks
How do I get the hinged bottom of cup holder back into slotted guide.
When I try to accelerate it runs slow.
I'd like to try to repair it myself but how am I suppose to take the door panel off if I can't open the door? The lock is clicking off and on, I can see the manual lock going up and down. The window rolls up and down fine. Both handles, inside and out move freely, they're just not engaging - they move back and forth sloppyly, ya know. I see a few old unanswered questions on this website, I sure hope someone's manning it. Some date as far back as 2013. I couldn't find any self help videos on YouTube - can someone please give me advise. Thank you - Franci - I noticed tags in this question that aren't mine, like
"BMW X5" that's not my car. My car is a 2008 Pontiac G5
Just driving a normal day, came home, husband looking out of the window and he sees the brake lights coming on and going off. When we went outside, I didn't happen right away. We stood there for about five minutes and the lights and the radio were going on and off. The key was in my hand.
My 2001 BMW X5 E53 4.4i had a trouble code p0720 which is a bad transmission output speed sensor. I replaced the output and input speed sensors and also changed the filter and fluid in the auto transmission. When I pulled the pan on the tranny I noticed there were about 5 little pieces of medal about the size of a pencil lead at the bottom. I cleaned out the pan and put a new filter , sensors and fluid . I put it back together and started it up. I do not get the p0720 code anymore but the transmission when put in drive just revs like it is in neutral. Does anyone know what would cause this problem? I am hoping its not the transmission. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
The guys box is in the glove box as should be, however, there is no diagram, nor labeled chart to designate which fuse supports which system. The driver's and the front passenger's windows went up, but only moments later would not go down. I believe a fuse is responsible, but am unable to determine which fuses to check.
I have a intermittent transmission fault and dealer is recommending a( new) refurbish trans with new mechatronic unit. sometimes when I drive the transmission fault kicks in and says drive moderately I was able to reset it twice but bit came back so dealer test drove it and it was a stored code so they cleared it however once test driving it again with mechanic inside he heard and felt the hard shifting but fault didn't come back on as of yet. what my best option the new trans is $7000 and just changing mechatronic unit is $3000. looking for some feedback. thanks
Everytime I start my car its starts shaking... once I am driving it calms down but everytime I stop at a red light it get's worse. I've also noticed that whenever I accelerate its takes a bit to speed up and it kinda brakes and then speeds up...
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