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A fault shows on the dash that says " cornering lights failure" but all lights are working good. There is also a triangle symbol that appears in the middle of the odometer cluster.
Have a 2012/02 BMW Z4 E89 where the engine dies when driving. The engine can not be restarted. After I unplug and return fuse 70 (20A) without changing, the engine starts again. Has now happened twice.
BMW Workshop does not know what's wrong. Maybe Excuse My English (Google Translation).
BMW 745i 2004 model Positions P, R, N, D possible. Forward travel only in 3rd/5th gear. selecting gear without brake possible. have the problem checked by the nearest BMW Service.
On the BMW 325i 2006, the display in the middle or integrated system is not coming on but all other functions on the car work. No music, radio, Bluetooth or navigation system is not on.
I'm having motor replace and like to know how long should it take to complete job.
I have a bmw x3 e83 2010 model 3.0d manual transmission with a total mileage of 44,300 km on the clock the problem I have now is the 4x4 light, airbag light, abs, and brake light all together lights in the panel board and i have an increase engine noise in the engine. i have change my transfercase servomotor 2 years ago and also my steering angle sensor and have reprogram it by the bmw dealer here in Philippines.what would i do to have this lights terminated in the panel board? i have tried to taking off the battery terminals and place it back and turn on the engine then all the 4 lights appeared again then i move the steering wheel lefmost and rightmost the 4 lights went off but after i drove the car again the 4 lights appeared in the dash board with increase engine noise. what can be the solution to my cars problem? thank you very much! waiting for your reply!
I just purchased the car and neither the windows nor the sunroof work
Fixed to vacuum leak got new plugs new mass air sensor New valve cover gasket has something to do with air fuel mixture when first cranked then adjusted self what could that be
I have check all fuses and wires going to the blubs everything has power but the lights on that side are not going on . Also trying to fix this problem now my trunk won't pop with the key .
thetmostate jammed and split tank replace tank and thermostate but still has air lock
2006 bmw 750li
I don't know if i am in the right place never ask a question on a forum b4.

I just bought my first bmw. The guy told me the starter is bad, when I got the car home the engine block was busted; I always wanted a bmw but I am not familiar with the car I am more so used to honda's engine, replacing them and rebuilding them; but it seems bmw is a whole new ball game. I've read different forums and articles to get familiar with the engines but I'm still lost. I saw an engine on facebook  with a blown head gasket for 300, it comes out of a 2001 330i.
I have a couple question.
1. will it fit 
2. what is dynamic control
3. what are all the engines or engine blocks with modification  
4. I was wondering how difficult it is to replace the headgasket and drop it into my 04 bmw 530i.
Car smokes sitting still at redlight or in drive way once you start moving it stops until you sit idle a few minutes
I drive a BMW 325xi 2006 model (E90) currently at 145k. Recently, anytime i brake hard to stop, the engine switches off. It does not matter the speed at the time of hard braking. No warning light or error message yet. ANy advice?
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