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Current draw tests done twice by Dealer and BMW specialist & no problem found.If we don't plug in a charger it will drain within 1 to 3 days. Battery replaced several times. Main battery cable replaced. Secondary coolant pump replaced. Alternator replaced twice. Driver seat relay replaced. This has now been going on for over 2 years. Dashboard odometer lost pixels, cant read it or the outside temp display. Don't know if it can be related. Also get inaccurate warnings from dashboard like check engine oil, brake linings coolant level, etc. Thanks for your help.

Stopped immediately coolant full.

The right rear door will lock using the remote but will not open latch. If I manually use the inside handle the door will open.

Now- when I turn the car on, after it has been sitting, there is a rumbling noise that goes away once I put it into drive gear- then it seems fine. I am worried that there is something bad going to happen and I do not want to get stranded on the highway I use. Can you think what this might be? I have given up on the dealer in the area...way too costly with shop hr rate. Just want to know if this might be a serious precursor to a bigger problem.

With steady level of speed, car jerks and also when I try to accelerate, lack of power. This just started today - when I parked and turned car off I got a warning message about transmision failure.

I failed emissions due to the issue above.

brake lines are leaking and my brake petal goes to the floor

I have tire coupling on my BMW X5....why?

I cannot open passenger side door or use auto lock on key chain to open or lock drivers side and passenger side doors.
I am not a technical person!

i think my thermal does not working ..wherer can i find so i can replase

2 day ago coolant reservoir was broken..i replaced..still overheat)

my car made a loud noice and would not go anymore, it only makes the noise when its on drive mode but will not drive at all. What could be wrong?? some people tell me it could be that it needs transmission oil. Please advise.

this bmw before fan its no work but we change this fan until now same problem can you help me please

best regard moh.bayoud

It starts to overheat and the climate controls tends to affect the temperture of the motor. Also am I to only use full strength antifreeze

Multiple thud sound on the first gear only specially when the road is going up. The thud could only heard on the first gear and after that no more. My mechanic said it might be the transfer case, He is charging me too much for this that i can't afford to spend for this old car, please kindly help or any suggestion. Can you tell me if the right, Thanks in advanced.

whats it's mean when a transmission failsafe program from bmw x5 2001" i use to stop and restarted engine,and now my speed mph not workin, and i can't drop manuel no more,fransmission failsafe program keep blinking

I replaced these parts beccause the dealership said that was the reason why the transmission was changing hard at 25 mile an hour. I t is doing the same thing after I replace these parts

Have too drive hwy will, reset after sitting.

battery less than 1 year old would leaving on a trickle charger help ?

when i turn ac on shortly after fuse will blow
i have replace control unit same thing happen

I own a BMW X-5, 4.4 ltr V-8. I am having a issue with my brakes, they lock up after I've been driving a while. Over the past 2 months I've replaced the brake booster, abs module, vaccum hose and both rotors on the rear of the vehicle. I've taking my car to several BMW dealers who can't find out whats wrong. The problem started 2 months ago, my brake pedal was hard to push in when i was driving, then the 4x4/DSC, brake lights showed inactive status. While the lights were on, the car started to slow down without me pusihing the brakes. Eventually I damged the rear rotors, so I replaced them and took the vehicle in. The BMW tech stated that he believes it was the power brake booster or the ABS module. We'll I am currently tired of spending money and my car is still doing the same thing.

when it idles for a while and then you step on the gas blue smoke comes out of the tail pipe and shorting oil 2004 BMW X5,4.4 with 70000km, E53 N62 Valvetronic engine

when it idles for a while and then you step on the accelerator blue smoke comes out of the tail pipe and shorting oil 2004 BMW X5,4.4 with 70000km

price for this job on 2001 bmw x5 8cls motor

My passenger front right window wont roll up. How do I take the door off?

very sluggish until around 35 to 40mph and the gages never work

while warming up car quit and hydro locked pulled spark plugs and found cylinders full of oil

Hi guys, I have a 2005 X5, 4.4i with 114,000 miles. I have a received messages from "trans failsafe prog" to "4F 85 EGS: Ratio Monitoring, Clutch E. I have no idea what exactly is going on with this car. The dealer had told me that I needed a new transmission. I had it rebuild instead but it's still acting up. There is a slight delay before the reverse gear kicks in. If you press the car a little hard while on reverse, I would switch to neutral. Additionally, stop and go traffic has become a nuisance now because the car is making this clunk noise like someone just rear bump me or something. The car really take a long time to respond when trying to accelerate to change lane on the highway. I don't know what left to do. Has anyone ever experience something similar?

Drving down road. puff of black smoke came out exhaust. Got home and strong smell of oil from exhaust. Engine now hard to start. What could it be and where should I start looking. Thanks

please inform me,what it mean ,i should make new soft ware to transmission,or how i repaire it,when car cold is ok,but after 10 minutes,its not shown intablo and transmission is heavy,speacialy in start drive