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p1093,p0313 are codes that came up55c4 also
This is a first time problem I think it might be a fuel pump
Says it has a clean title but other than that there is no info on any issues.
electrical problem. while driving just the heat control section goes blank and turns back on readomly
The dealer diagnosed that I have one bad ignition coil and said it was up to me if I wanted to replace all six.
I was driving down the interstate and without any warning started hearing a loud meteal to metal grinding and lost power to the wheels. The engine seems to be fine, starts okay and revs okay. Put it in gear and I get the grinding. Had to be towed home. The car free rolls now (park doesn't hold the car) so I have to use the parking brake. Trying to get an idea if this is a common issue that is repairable or if the Transmission is more than likely trashed. Also, I replaced the front axles about 19 months ago with no issues.
I am looking to purchase a 2003 BMW X5. It has 172,000 miles on it
I was told my fuel pump is no good. after the dealership diagnostic the vehicle, I was told it was a fuel sensor
When the car is cranked front passenger side window goes down.
Notice idle about 600 rpm, changed flapper, how do I solve issue?
I just had the fluid filled.
My transmission is not driving right with that on
panel. This panel has no max button.
The tire like is something wrong.
Dealer adviced to change as
But can buy socket only online.
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