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The problem is that the fuse 'card' supplied with the vehicle shows that several fuses are allocated for one item. For instance, the radio/disc player has 11 fuses allocated. As my cigarette lighter is on permanently, I am trying to find out which fuse I can use (with a piggy-back fuse) which only supplies power to an item when the ignition is switched on. Obviously, I want to connect to a fuse in the fuse board behind the glove box rather than the one in the back of the car. Can anyone suggest a single fuse number I can use.
Thanks, in anticipation.
Hi its about the recall of the PCV blown by heater besides my engine check illuminates the vehicle performance changed as well and its vibrating while idle or stop and engine on and backing up.
Trunk lid and inside opening switches have stopped working. Has been getting worse, now dead. Seems like a battery problem, but there are no other indications of battery weakness.
The hood is closed but the dash message says hood open and i have looked at the manual but doesnt show where even a sensor is located. A ding sound indicates
Trunk decal has a metal casing making it hard to take off??
four tires and balancing
the antifreeze tank is leaking
The BMW dealership diagnosed it and is asking for ~$2000 to replace the pump and thermostat. Another repair shop quoted $1300 for the same set of repairs. Is it worth to take the risk, and drive my car 30 mins from the dealership to the other repair shop?...I am afraid, I will end up damaging more parts than saving the difference in costs.
I placed a large pkg in the car and drove with it for 3 days and my check engine light came on. How can I reset the light?
Three days. I also recently had an oil change. How can I reset the light?
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