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When the inside of the car (2013 BMW X1) gets hot (in summer only) the passenger restraint system warning light and bell comes on. This happens when no one is in the passenger seat and only happens when it is hot. It does not happen when it is cold.(winter) What is wrong?
When i try to start my X1 there is nothing, the lights come on but it doesn't even try to turn over the engine, all that comes up is a picture of a car on a ramp in amber. When i go into the menu the cc id code is 719, I've tried to find what this means but I can't, I can find out what all other codes mean but not this one!!!!
I have 62,800 miles on my x1 xdrive 28i
i changed wit bigger tyre of 225/65 on rear wheels as recommended size is 225/50 coz i cudnt find the exact size nearby, is the faulty notifications due to this and is there any problem driving with that notification...pliz guide me..
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