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Based on reviews it appears to be a potentially
Bearing issue. Not sure what it is. Since the noise started
The car has not been driven. I use 0'w 40 mobile synthetic oil.
Can somebody please help with trouble shooting issue prior to
me taking the car in the shop and potential costs with repair.
Thank you much!
Just put in logic seven amplifier played well for one week then static in the rear door panel speakers also when I open the front doors with the power off in the car the front speakers make static noise
exactly the oil required by model of car.
I'm looking to replace the driver side mirror assembly
I was driving and had to turn back home the car lost power if you please would let me know what you think it is I would really apreciate
just remplaced battery on my 2005 BMW 745I,wich it was working fine before I changed it.
however the car now isn't working right at all and the screen is showing a symbol( ENGINE MALFUNCTION POWER DOWN!)
So I wander if it supposed to be reprogram some how or what is causing the issue...
Replaced battery, Alternator,
Nothing in the of the dash works the button of the flashers nor the heat
Car does not leak when it is parked flat.
like emergency brake is on. I tried to release it under steering column with key. also say brake lining is at minimum. I just got pads replaced. mechanic said it just needs to be reset. because car went dead had to get a drives but feel like brake is on. is it safe to drive?
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