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my parking cable doesn't seem to be connected to anything. It seems to be completely extended to its point, which has caused my car to be completely stuck in emergency park. I called a bmw dealership and they could only suggest that I get towed to a repair shop, and that the repair could be a couple hundred dollars plus towe fee... I believe this is to extreme for something I believe should be simple. Does anyone have a suggestion?

what could the problem be ?

I used test light, no current to bulbs, could not locate any fuses for them in the fuse panels, what am I missing?

It sometimes crank back after a few tries or after letting it sit for a while

After a few tries or after letting it sit for a while

Can it be a sensor or a fuse?

What could the problem be?

Hi I have a 1995 bmw 740IL the egnition won't start and the ABS light,lights up along with two other lights. Noticed the symbol pop up after getting stuck in the snow and forcing my way out but it worked fine until I parked it up and tried to start it up again later that day.

And I still don't have heat. The 2 codes came up P0111/ P0116. This problem is interfering with me seeing my daughter since she lives on the other side of town, can't really afford to take it to a shop. Please help me!

will this also cause temp gauge to redline

I have a 2001 BMW 740iL the navigation system and radio went completely blank and doesn't work. How can I remove or replace it?

First 8 months after I bought the car, probably only 2k miles later...I got a transmission fail/safe message..brought it in they said I needed an alternator, I got it done.... A year later it happened again same fail/safe message. This time I made sure the replacement was a new and not refurbished alternator...just last month my battery light came on..The mechanic took the car in, when he called me up to pick it up he said he put an alternator in and after driving it for 2 days it went on him to, so he replaced it with a more expensive one...Is there an underlying reason that this car is burning through these alternators??? I asked 3 different people they all said no...please help...(Just to add..It was not the same mechanic)

when applying the brakes the front end drops and makes a funny noise ? As well as going over speed bumps -does it sound like front suspension bushings that have worn out ?