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seems to have loss of power during take off too
is there a sensor or relay not working even when A/C is on.
It want switch over, what up with that?
I checked the fusses there ok.BMW wont give me the code anyway,
The odometer,trip & temp. reader are not showing at all in my 1996 740il, also my airbag warning is on.
It just went out while I was driving down the highway.
my heat and air is not working at all no sound from the blower, no water on floor board, no air blowing it stoped working / no heat what could it be, it doesnt come ever b ut used to work , before the air used to go low when i would turn a corner and then pick bk up, then finally it all stoped, my interior lights went out not sre what happened with that, checked bulbs there good
The drivers side turn signals won't work. The hazards work so it isn't the bulb. When I turn left blinker on the right one turns on but no lights on the dash, you can only see from outside the car. I don't know which fuse it is but none of the fuses are blown from what I can see visibly.
Recently purchased with 160k on it, but you can hardly see the numbers......mostly guessing
no blown fuses nor relays
after driving the car for a while there is a an fail safe transmission alert that comes up on the dash and the trasmission goes into slump whi1e im driving it
i spray starter fluid in the air port and it starts but then shuts back off. as if the fuel is not making it to the injectors.
we take the car to a repair shop. will the sealer cause any damage to the engine.
I recently bought an '02 X5, the 3.0. I also had it converted to run on LPG afterwards. The conversion was fine but I have noticed the TRANS PROG FAIL message come on on starting the engine. It then goes away whilst driving and the car is mostly normal, though the gears are pretty harsh. Could the LPG conversion have caused this, or is it likely to be a coincidence?
The trans lights will not go out even after programming. The trans is in need of replacement according to the diagnostic bmw mechanic. The abs light is coming on from the abs module . The coolant gauge registers overheating which is coming from a faulty thermostat and auxiliary fan. And the check engine light is coming on from the cam shaft sensor on bank.
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