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Drivers side seat contorls and steering wheel control stopped working. Checked the #15 (30 amp) fuse and it is good. Seat memory also doesn't work. What could this be?

I've had 740il for a year and a half been blessed so far but now it doesn't start on the first turn , sometimes it takes three or four tries to get her started. and she has also stalled out on me twice. thanks

My 2001 740IL every once in a while will blow out a cloud of blue smoke from the exhaust when starting the engine. This happens no matter if the oil was just changed or if due for an oil change. I have the car serviced at a qualified European auto mechanic and use the prescribed synthetic oil. Any ideas as to what may cause this?

Cold air comes out of the passenger side ducts, no air comes out of the driver's side. Shop wants to replace blower motor, but book says one motor feeds both sides. How do I make the blower run faster and open the ducts on the driver's side?

steering wheel and the drivers seat are stuck in one position, have checked the fuses and are ok connections are secure, not sure what else to check?

if my trans has a trans program code on it if i take the one thats in the car out and put a new one in will that fix the problem

We had trans code on car so we took to transmission shop and it had code 100, 105, & 42 we where told it was the Output & turbine speed sensor so we ordered them yesterday and replaced them 2day and now the transmission want go in reverse. What do we do now. How can car loose reverse just sitting there. Please help us.

trany lost reverse after setting for 2 days

my blow fan does not come one /airconditioner on fan does not come one the compresser comes on but you can fel the ca shake whin you turn tha air on whin you turn air off you can feel cold air comin through the vents for a shrt time but only whin the car is moving.

will a 1995 740il transmission fit in a 1994 740il

trany dont shift into third or fourth

I have not run my car much for about 1 year and now the trotle keeps sticking when i start it and run it. How to fix with our repairing whole system ?

transmission wont shift from 2nd to third, and there is a oily color to the coolant not from motor.

Is there an adapter fitting to mate the freon inlet fitting to the standard freon delivery fittings?


The gear shift selector knob broke and now I have to change the whole selector.

The car has around 83k miles, I've taken the car to a mechanic a few months back and he pulled the codes as P170 and P173 only. So I changed the O2 sensor on passenger side and MAF. Thinking this would clear the SEL. when it did not, I got my own OBD2 reader. I found the P170 and P173 along with P300, P305, P306, P307, P308 I cleared the errors to see what errors would come back, and when the SEL came back on, these are the errors showing now, multiple misfires on cyl 5,6,7,8 and P300 (repeat)10 errors showed back up. So I changed spark plugs and ignition coils from cyl 1,2,3,4, and put them on cyl 5,6,7,8. to check and see if the misfires would follow. I cleared the codes again, and when I rev up the engine to 4000rpms, the errors came back. I'm still getting the same error codes on the same cylinders 5,6,7,8. Don't understand why only on the right side cyl? What would cause misfires to just those cyl.? I would think a vacuum leak, or fuel pressure regulator would cause all cyl. to misfire. I'm at a loss of what could be causing the problem. Please help.

how do you check if a relay is good or bad

i replaced a fuel pump with a after market one and i still dont here the fuel pump running i checked the fuses and relays but i dont know how you would check a relay to see if its bad i undid a fuel line and turned the key over but no gas shots out of it so i think the fuelpump still isnt getting power how would i checka relay

Seems it's been needing a "jump" from time to time lately. The battery seems to be going dead if the car is not being driven every day. It seems some electrical devise in the car is "running" even after the car is turned off, and draining the battery. I have booster I keep in the trunk just in case I need it and have had to use it from time to time, when the car has been setting for a couple of days or so. I have also use a battery charger to make sure it doesn't run down. Seems to charge OK when I drive it.

Now nothing when I turn the key (except for all the ancillary bells and whistles), not even the slow grown of "trying" to turn the engine over. Is it the battery or the ignition switch? How can you tell? A mechanic friend says I need a new starter but another friend says it's in the ignition switch. He suggests that the switch is falty and is running the battery down and now it to the point that the switch won't engage the starter. How can I tell?

my car showing "FailSafe Transmission Program"? It seems like it is stuck on high gear. How do you fix this issue? Where do you find Filler Hole on the Transmission? Need picture location? Posible low Trani Oil.

I noticed something dripping from the bottom of my car. Popped the hood and noticed green stuff coming out. I thought it might have bee antifreeze. What could be the problem?

how do you disconect the fuel pump from the bottom of the gas tank

How does the fuel pump disconnect from the gas tank?

car wont start, battery is good , something from battery to the starter? help me!!

I looking to buy a 1998 740il with 178,000miles. I heared clicking in engine at idle. What could it be? Should I just walk away? they are asking 3900 and the body decent inside good condition. What should I look out for?

Can take oil cap off while running and noise stops, could this be a pcv valve. Have checked idlers and all belts.

when my car stops it start missing in slow motion

I was told I need a new a/c blower.A/c compressor works & fuses are fine.What else can I check

probelm just occurred, bought the car used with 130000 miles now has 166000 miles,what is cost of timing chain replacement

car turn off after minutes of running , push small bottom and car runs again my e-mail is