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when i raise the back of the drivers seat it does raise on the right but the left side seems broken/stuck so it is sort of twisting what can i do to fix right now?
how do i stop the ticking noise that began after my oil change?
Recently replaced my alternator (about 3 weeks ago) then had a problem with my battery which probably came from the old alternator taking quite a toll on it before it finally died so i replaced it. but i am still having an energy problem my car just clicks when i try to start it. After jumping it to start it, it seems to drive fine but every few minutes the radio will shut off and turn back on. also all of the icons on my display will light up for a second and then go off as if the car is getting started again. finally the check engine light is also on. I'm guessing there is a short but was wondering if anyone could narrow it down for me with the described symptoms above.
my radio will not work it worked for a short time an now wont work i have checked fuses all are good
my bmw engine was change sence than my transmission program lights came on now it want even move at all or engage at all what is wrong here everything is hook up dont seem like any power in going to the transmission at all now my email is my name is mr. williams do the transmission need to be reprogram are something
fan motor does not work. the most common is ressistor. where is it located on a 740i 95.
what type of power steering fluid do i need
I have a 2000 BMW 740i and the car is running great. It has 103,000 miles on it. I have heard about the BG trans flusH should i have it done.
trasmision diagnostic, & electric seats failure,
the car runs perfect, but some times I feel a litle quick on
the trassmission,, the seats & drive, also the GPS, work
fine, but sutenly they don't .. is it a fuse ??
tnanks, Victor

My email is
there is a taping sound in the engine,this is just a week now, i had my oil change and is still taping, what must be the problem? car have 145k miles please help me
2 of my intake fuel hoses burst after finishing lunch about to drive the car, with gas all over the ground. I got it replaced and about to pick up the car, but just worried, I mean a fuel line just doesn't burst like that right?? That's a deadly hazard. What may have caused it, I haven't bruised anything because it didn't burst when driving but during lunch(assumed). High fuel pressure??
I've also been having the engine codes for a while p0170 and p0173, saying burning rich. Anyhow related?
It starts perfectly on cold engine. When the engine is hot, many times, it won't start. Sounds like it's choking. If I put the gas pedal halfway maximun when starting, it helps. Once it starts, even if it was hot, it works perfect and never stops on idle.
my gas gage fuse keep blowing
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