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my car is starting to shift hard, it seems to act like it wants to downshift or jerk while slowing down or even while just making a simple right or left hand turn.
does the cross member have to come off to replace the assebly?
Trans. Fail Safe Prog appears in the Check Control. Now there is no 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear. I can only drive in 4th and 5th gear. Is problem in the tranny or the gearshift electrnic system (Electroni transmission control module)
It will on drive in 4 and 5th gear
When i pull one of the sunvisors down the steering wheel goes up and the stereo goes off. If i put the sunvisor up the stereo comes on and the steering wheel goes back down. In the last couple days the steering wheel has started going up and then back down while driving. I'm not touching anything that is causing this. Has anyone seen this? The car is a 1998 740I
Maybe its control panel with card? or trap ?
Vehicle starts but dies unless accelerator feathered. In gear, barely moves when accelerator pumped vigorously. Will occasionally develop rpm's but rapidly deteriorates.
would a bad crank sensor make your car run rough and cut off
i put a engine in my car now it want pull it will go in rev. but not drive and its misfirein real bad and it cuts off but start right back up what should i do
I also had the gas tanks replaced with new ones.. although the car runs fine..Im hearing this irritating howling type sound from the car.. It constantly keeps howling whether im driving or long as the engine is running, its howling..what can it be.? Is it a major issue?
runs hot quickly
Why I cannot turn the engine off with the key? Why the ignition switch want turn?
Why do my ignition key spins around in the switch without engaging to turn the engine off?
What causes the ignition key not to engage to the engine off?
when i raise the back of the drivers seat it does raise on the right but the left side seems broken/stuck so it is sort of twisting what can i do to fix right now?
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