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BMW cuts off while driving but starts back up. This occurs every time I drive.
I recently purchased this car. The warning light was frequently on while driving. The engine is being removed and opened for cleaning (110,000 kilometers). The sludge and baked on deposits on the sump pan and valve covers are so bad that the agent doesn't think flushing is a good option. The filter when removed was dripping black oil like thick honey. Obviously the engine had not had oil and filter changes or servicing for a few years.
where are fuel pumps and fuel filters located on above model please show diagram
it takes a few seconds to start, battery is good, but it seems to need more gas, when hot, it gets worse. i am thinking fuel filter or regulator or ultimately a failing fuel pump. I cannot even find the gas filter. can any body help. diagnosis and repair?
Both trouble codes are slow response pre cat sensors what to look for
The panels that secure the seatbelts for the front seats are broken. The plastic mounting clips that connect the panels to the chasis are dried out and the clasps have broken off. I think I could replace the clips myself, except that I can't find a source for the appropriate pieces. I need to know the appropriate name for the clips that I need, and also where to find them. If anyone else has had the same problem, I am interested in the ways you were able to repair it. Thanks.
My car out of the blue starting running hot
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stay crunk. What could this be? Gave off a funny smell inside as I tried to restart. Left awhile, restarted but didn't continue to run. What is could it be anyone, help please?
its a screw that goes on top of the nipple that comes out the overflow tank.
how can I get the diagnostic codes from my computer
what causes your car to go into engine failsafe mode
it has a slight hesitation when giving some gas
when i park my car the engine oil leaks
where is the computer alarm box located on the 1993 bmw 740i
how to get sparks to the spark plugs
and how to get fire to the fuel pump
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