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replaced spark plugs,TPS, and accelerator cable, but still not shifting as timely,or smoothly and idle, while improved quite a bit, is still getting "hung-up"(RPM stays high when braking then goes low in increments till full stop-sometimes the car will clunk, or wants to hop before final stop, then the RPM will settle @ approx. 500). One mechanic told me that the torque convertor is getting stuck!! Do I need to flush the tranny & change filter? or repairing the idle issue will solve the tranny issue? all this happens regardless of temp.,A/C being on, or other factors.
My car detailer was replacing the passenger mirror and my trunk stopped opening. I had to buy the master key in order to get the trunk unlocked. There was only a few items in the trunk. My truck unlock buttons are no longer working. I suspect a short. where should I look? Is there a reset?
Still shakes. They say I need new tires?
My car is only going about 5 miles an hour when i push the pedal to the floor.
the park light stay on all the time when i shut the car off and lock the door i have to remove the number 55 fuse in the trunk for the light to go off and not kill my battery ive being reading about the gm 111 but i repalce it and still on need help
i did a oem meter test in series with the battery something is draining the battery
The speedometer doesn't work.
The little lights that have info on the bottom of the dash board.
What is the average cost to repair a carrier bearing?
I had my car jumped from the battery. I heard this could mess up the battery module sensor. if so how much is this to fix?
need to know what all you have to take off to change the blower motor
what does this mean
What parts have to be removed to replace the rubber/felt window guide. Thanks.
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