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i have a 545I 2004 hardly driving it..always serviced when needed..about 100k recd msg saying transmission fault..reduced power...i did not drive any further..any idea what the problem is?

i hardly drive the car..always serviced when needed

The sound isn't the valve nor the lifters. I was told it was a part in the valve train that wears out and I could drive the car without having to worry about it. I have noticed that once the car is under a load the sound goes away. Its a 6speed manual. I can clearly hear the knocking/ticking sound with the transmission in neutral but once I put it in gear and slowly let out the clutch the sounds disappears.

The panel that displays radio, climate control and fault status has gone outcompletely black. Radio is not working and if a fault displays i would not be able to see it. Has anyone had this issue?

How much should labor be to replace the transmission

Right at 100,000 miles at a routine oil change it was noted that a large amount of oil had been leaking under plastic undercarriage. I took to my Mechanic who said it was a big job requiring about 15-20 hours of labor. He changed oil gaskets (?) drivers side, passenger side and center. Mechanic test drove, said the driver's side was still leaking and replaced the seal once again. The car was returned and is STILL leaking oil which seams to be coming again from the driver's side. Large spots of oil on my driveway each morning. Paid nearly $1000 and the repair took forever, not so eager to bring it back to this mechanic to fix as it appears not to be what the initial problem was, if he truly replaced the seals in the first place. Does anyone know of any problems with the 545I with regard to oil leaks? I purchased my car about a year ago at 95k and have only driven it about 5 months till it reached 100k and have not driven it since, it has lived at the mechanics shop and has sat in my driveway leaking oil since its return. Any advice would be appreciated!

How to reset the flat trie code

the car leaks oil on my garage floor.
the service rep @ the dealer says it will cost $3,200 to repair the leaking front timing covers.

where is the brake fluid fill do i top off brake fluid

i purchased car dec 20010 as bmw 545i 2004 model manufacture on july2004 i want to know that do i have nlue thooth unit ican not conect phone , asking passkey which i dont have
my email

Is it possible to replace the onboard computer? I've been told that it needs to be replaced. It's in the trunk. My question is; Can it be replaced with a used unit and what ar the steps to do so?

How do you reset the change oil light on your i drive on a 2004 BMW 545i?

Our BMW is making a banging sound in the transmission when we excellerate. It can make the car shudder. With only 45,000 miles on the car, the idea of replacing the transmission rather unappealing. Any idea what the cost of replacing the transmission is? Also, the warranty expired, but is there a chance BMW will stand behind their product. I thank you for your time and consideration. Warm regards, Mark

at 35 to 40 shifts in and out of overdrive

I purchased a replacement Sensor for the faulty one in my car, but can't find where it is located on the car.

My airconditioner every now and then decides not to blow cold. Is likely to be a faulty thermostat or does anyone know if there is a common fault?

i replace the valver cover gaskets, now vehicle shows check engine light stating all cilynders misfire, i wonder if it lost the timing..please help i have no money and it is my only transportation

How do i take the sheild down to change the oil oand where exactly is the oil filter?

how do i reset the milage after changing the oil?

how do i change the oil and where is the oil filter ?

I hear a creaking sound from my dashboard when I hit a bump on the road. I changed my shocks and replaced them with new ones and the sound went away. Later that afternoon the creaking noise came back but a little less than before what could this be?