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it happens when I try to go home and eng
Is warm There is fuel pressure.I have change the computers but no luck engine still just Cranks engine will start in one To four hrs. I Drive the car everyday send this only happens maybe once a month.
I took the battery out for about 2 months I charged it put it back in now it crank but don't start
My 2002 540i has 140K miles and have had it 4 years. It recently shut down on me and a place in Kennesaw, GA specializing in BMW's indicated the coolant sensor broke and leaked fluid into the harness wires, control harness and module needing to replace all of it totaling about $3K with labor and testing. Car is only worth about $5K so they suggested an alternative to just dry and clean everything out completely (which they say is not a guarantee to fix the issue, but would not replace the parts) and they would charge $650 for that. When this happened the car would either not start or start in a "reduced power" mode and only drive about 10mph. I could turn it off and let it sit for a couple hours and would start up fine again. Is the $650 clean and dry repair advisable and is this process known to work well long term? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance for your reply.
i have no idea what add mixture limit reached Bank
plz help.
On a cold start the engine runs rough and has substantial 'tinking'noises coming from near the firewall. As the engine warms up it runs smoother. Any pointers or words of wisdom? The car has previously had overheating problems... now runs with temp needle @ 12 o'clock position. Driven in outback Australia for most of it's life. I suspect a cracked head leaking coolant into 2 cylinders.
How can this be corrected? Is there a check valve in the oil filter cannister that is not working? This starts after car has set for awhile, but goes once the engine is running.
I recently purchased my 1995 bmw 540i with the knowledge that three of the windows were not working properly. I know how to repair the windows but I am having trouble removing the door panels to get to the guts of the door. I have purchased a repair manual but that will not arrive for a few days and i need to have the windows fixed now. I have removed the three screws and popped the door out a certain amount but it seems there is something else holding it that is not connected by screws. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Having some weird electrical problems. The back up lights are not working. The interior panel lights (speedo) dim sometimes. The trip computer went into 24hr mode and then back.
Instrument LCD panel display only partial numbers and missing digit and letters.
if you hold your gas paddle to the floor and turn the motor over a few seconds then turn key off and pull key out . then put key back in switch and start the motor it will startup and run.
Replace driver side tail light assembly because brake light was burned out due to bad assembly.
soon as u start up clouds of smoke
It seems to only do this when I have the doors locked. My battery had been dead but I recently had it recharged.
The cruise control light will come on but does not stay on.
I have a 99 540 with 70,000 miles. The car has been very well taken care of. After driving, a hot rubber smell comes from the engine compartment. It does not smell like hot oil but rather hot rubber. I noticed that the power steering fluid reserve had leaked somewhat. Could that be causing the smell?
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