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the entire right suspension has been replaced including shocks. strangely when car is lifted off the ground and put back on ground the noise goes away. after car heats up noise reappears.
the ideal situation would be to sell car but the car is in immaculate condition.
Already replaced the gasket and the mechanic indicates that the intake manifold is cracked.
is this a indication of engine problems?
I've replaced radiator, alternator and now I belive my water pump needs replaced. Only had this car a year and purchased it w 108,000 now has 134,000. It seems never ending w coolant leaking problems. What causes the substantial coolant issue leaking problems for all these repairs? I heard head gaskets are expensive and just curious if the pattern of problems is leading me to have to replace that as well.. Any help or advice would be helpful. The water pump Pulley system making a grinding rumbling sound but it has always been leaking coolant even after replacing everything but water pump that just started today. What is the reasoning for all the leaking coolant issues?
After adding tranny fluid to my 97 540i it started making a ticking noise. Anyone have any ideas what it may be.
Thank you
When the car is cold the tranny doesnt engage properly, its ok once its warm. I had the car towed in July and it has been leaking a little since then but the tranny just started acting weird. Im sure it needs fluid but I cant afford to take it to a mechanic so can I add fluid myself.?
why my heater don't get hot
the a/c get cold.
1999 540 BMW touring
bought the used BMW 540i without owners manual .... appears to have no dipstick.
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