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is this a indication of engine problems?

I've replaced radiator, alternator and now I belive my water pump needs replaced. Only had this car a year and purchased it w 108,000 now has 134,000. It seems never ending w coolant leaking problems. What causes the substantial coolant issue leaking problems for all these repairs? I heard head gaskets are expensive and just curious if the pattern of problems is leading me to have to replace that as well.. Any help or advice would be helpful. The water pump Pulley system making a grinding rumbling sound but it has always been leaking coolant even after replacing everything but water pump that just started today. What is the reasoning for all the leaking coolant issues?

After adding tranny fluid to my 97 540i it started making a ticking noise. Anyone have any ideas what it may be.
Thank you

When the car is cold the tranny doesnt engage properly, its ok once its warm. I had the car towed in July and it has been leaking a little since then but the tranny just started acting weird. Im sure it needs fluid but I cant afford to take it to a mechanic so can I add fluid myself.?

why my heater don't get hot

the a/c get cold.

1999 540 BMW touring

bought the used BMW 540i without owners manual .... appears to have no dipstick.

There is a knocking noise coming from the bottom of my car and when I push the clutch half way, I dont hear the noise again. What could it be?

I have a BMW 2000 540i and one of the keys I can use to manually unlock the car door, the trunk and start the engine but the other key doesn't work. It can unlock the car door manually but when I put the keys in the ignition the lights in the dash come on but if I crank it more the engine doesn't start. These keys used to work fine. Some time down the line the car's battery went dead.

Purchased 1 week ago. noticed white smoke on start up. saw more smoke during stop and go traffic this morning. at lunch the car would not crank but tries to turn over. added gas just in case bc the hand was showing low but that did not solve this issue.

The problem is now becoming normal especially driving on hot days. Someone had mentioned to me, guard chain - OK, I don't know what that is, but I did the search. Can anyone help?

changed water pump and thermostat, and the front fan does not seem to be running .

my 540i 1998 is over heating and the fan may not be working any advise, it only does this when I am sitting in the drivethur

My window motor went out and I need to fix it. Can some one out there please tell me how to change the window motor by itself or do I have to change the regulator to.

I need help

Everything is working but there is no air coming out at all

Any ideas?

reveres will not work


Advised that the cost of replacing the upper timing chain cover gasket would be $1700.00. Is this a good estimate?

I took off my tires and looked at the rotors but they were almost brand new not warped. I saw on my passenger side it looks like the tire is rubbing the strut. So I then thought maybe the tires were too big, but I checked with the manual but they were factory spec. I then thought the tires are out of balance, got them balanced. I started driving slammed on the breaks and seemed like the problem was gone. I drove to 100mph and slammed on the breaks so I thought the issue was gone. Then shortly after the problem came back only when I brake hard, so I have been braking lightly. So now I think it's the struts, what do you guys think? I would appreciate any help.

it happens when I try to go home and eng
Is warm There is fuel pressure.I have change the computers but no luck engine still just Cranks engine will start in one To four hrs. I Drive the car everyday send this only happens maybe once a month.

I took the battery out for about 2 months I charged it put it back in now it crank but don't start

My 2002 540i has 140K miles and have had it 4 years. It recently shut down on me and a place in Kennesaw, GA specializing in BMW's indicated the coolant sensor broke and leaked fluid into the harness wires, control harness and module needing to replace all of it totaling about $3K with labor and testing. Car is only worth about $5K so they suggested an alternative to just dry and clean everything out completely (which they say is not a guarantee to fix the issue, but would not replace the parts) and they would charge $650 for that. When this happened the car would either not start or start in a "reduced power" mode and only drive about 10mph. I could turn it off and let it sit for a couple hours and would start up fine again. Is the $650 clean and dry repair advisable and is this process known to work well long term? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance for your reply.