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I already changed the oxygen sensor. bank 1, the pcv, the manifold gasket another idea because this code
I have a problem with this code. a little bit of please
my ac not working
I just added Pentofrost A3 coolant because is very low and i can't BMW brand in my area. Later someone told A3 Is for Asian car and i should get Pentofrost NF instead. What should i do now? Or it is ok and i can still drive?
Codes show misfires in cylinders 1 & 3.
ISTA/D shows:
140010 - combustion misfires several cylinders detected
140002 - misfire, several cylinders, damaging exhaust gas after starting up
140001 - misfire, several cylinders, fuel injection switched off

changed plugs and coils on both cylinder 1 & 3, but still no change.
When I had driven my car I noticed a Indicator light on stating that the coolant level was low.
engine stalled out in flash flood. towed to auto shop specializing in German cars, but not BMW auth. Said they could rebuild engine, est $10000. Have had car 2 mos, now want more time and parts. Called auth dealer, they have not seen car, but say cannot "rebuild", should replace engine. ?????
My 2009 535i xDrive with 91,000 miles lost engining power while driving on the highway doing about 75 MPH. I was getting ready to excelerate and make a lane change to the fast lane. Fuel Pump message Displayed in navigation window. I had to pull of the road with no power what so ever. Car shut off. It started after 20 to 30 mins. I brought car to BMW dealer for Diagnosis and they provided fault codes 006292 and 006293. They said Low Preasure Pump needed to be replaced. I replaced the Low Presure Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter and Low Preasure Sensor. Exact same thing happened. On two different occasions.

What could be the problem?
im questioning dealer because they wanted to replace sparkplugs at 40K miles I now am at 51K miles
i frequently change spark plugs and coils at least 1 every other month.
Some of the newer BMW's have newer digital instrument clusters, so would it be possible to get one of the newer ones and replace it with the 2011 5 series
driving.Is it under warranty? How much should it cost if it's not? Thanks
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