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1998 BMW 581i
Started to drive and the car just shut off. Did not stutter just stopped. Had enough movement to get it to the curb. Tried to start it sounded like it wanted to start but wouldn't turnover . Gas was below 1/4 of tank my mechanic said to add gas gauge could be off and I may have run out of gas. Added gas but still wouldn't turn over. Called AAA when tow truck came and tried to start it. Nothing happened said battery could be old and from trying to start it I could hVe drained the battery . It at the mechanics now but being it's Sat. He won't get to ck it till Monday. Any ideas what the problem could be?
When I put the key in the ignition to turn it the car will not start but always have started before
It's just the car smells gas after parking it. It's really strong. What would it be?
did the aim / bala and still the same
A wire runs from it to the throttle control. The engine will not go over 2000 rpm with it connected or not. The engine has a lot of miss fires trying to reach 2000 rpms
Tryed checking the wss but if I disconnect any one of them the transmission goes in safe mode
Cleaned the icv. It was still in limp mode. All kinds of lights on in dash after clearing computer just Mel and service engine soon light and into limp mode can clear computer and it runs ok for awhile
It spontaneously shuts off and then turns back on 10 minutes later or maybe an hour later. And never stays on when its raining. And when it does come on, it never blows cold air. Its hot in SC, someone help a brother out please. How can I fix this?
Car goes into the red sometimes And overheats if sitting too long running
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