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So I recently bought this car was running fine but check engine light was on so replaced plugs,oil now car ran like shit po500 p0440, p0304,302, took throttle position sensor off it wasn't working and throttle butterfly wasn't moving so I cleaned throttle and tps both are working like should. So I'm going to throw it back together is there anything I should know or check before I do repairs. Thinking about deleting pcv system any suggestions or input or similar problems Lmk thanks.
p0500 p1189 -88 most of which when looked up has something to do with the 02 sensor.. speed senor is out as well. but im sure tht the car should still start. i new a replacement raditor and i just fixed the high pressure line for the power steering. still not sure what is causing it to not run. i tarts up for a while when cool then turn back off. a few forums that mentioned replacing the crankcase vent something...but i cant find a leak or breakage when i spray the engine. please help single mother who needs her car!!!
My car suddenly will not start. AAA told me that I have to replace the starter. Can you tell me how much will it cost me
I was working on door with panel off and wires unplugged working on window regulator & turned the key to the on position & heard a noise. now the power does not work on that door. the window don't go up or down, the door don't lock by power nor does the mirror tilt when I put the car in reverse.
car began being hard to start, ran rough, now will turn over but will not start.
I just got a new radiator. Everything under the hood is new. 108+ miles. I just don't know why my electric water pump isn't coming on. I don't know which fuse the pump would be on!!! Help please.
Push start button nothing
When I'm driving sometime it hesitates to pick up for speed then the check engine light pops on
where is the fuse for fog lights or relay? lights not working ths
My fiance just got the BMW 528i 1997 5 series for her birthday from a friend. One day we drove a fine no problems and we came home parked it turned it off in a little later that night I came out and the car started sounding an alarm when I try to turn it on. I checked it out of oil at spot a brand new battery replaced all the bulbs that lights are out and nothing seems to work it does not say that it is in security mode or anything like that. All the lights come on the still Sound the Alarm sometimes when I try to start it but not all the time it just cranks and doesn't start. When I have the key like if I'm going to turn the car on and it's an about first position I hear it buzzing noise by the battery sometimes in the trunk and sometimes I hear a buzzing noise by the fuel pump in the front under the hood. The only problem with this car that I've seen so far other than and not working out is that the radio plays when it wants not all the time it turns on in air conditioning doesn't always turn on . So if anyone can tell me what they think it could be are they have this pound before and they know what it is please let me know what the problem was with their car and how much was it to fix it. I would hate to have to get rid of such a nice car it was a gift to my fiance and help us out with work.
Since dealership, took it back in 1 mo later for same problems. Has now been a few months
Always starts perfectly when cold. the fault occurs randomly but generally around town after 10 km or so. Rarely happens on long trip ( 300km + ) Motor wobbles as if unbalanced lacks power but NEVER stops completely. NO fault codes and mostly fixes itself within a few km . Very ODD.
And while my profile says NJ I'm actually from NEW ZEALAND!!
My headlights look a bit milky. I know some of it is on the outside but I can also see discoloration inside. Have had the lights off but can't get inside.
My 1999 528i Touring wagon has 412,000 km on it. 257,000 miles. Still goes great but has a fault in the tailgate lock that seems to flatten the battery over 10 days or so. NO codes appear. just the left rear tail light warning light on.
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