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My driver's side door will not open from the outside. It is not locked and will open from the inside.
How can I open the door to repair the actuator.
I have had transmission override light come on twice but not after changing battery override light went out but still have service engine soon light on before battery change codes p1750 p1751 p1749 p1748 po727 po732 po733 po734 p1747 p1770 p1765 po750 po753 po763 have serge at cold idol but tranny working great small oil leak under power steering pump [ motor oil ] have two import mechanics in town neather could fix my car thousand dollar no fix what should I do
keeps falling out slack in the cable or is there something that keeps the cable in place that broke off ofthe plastic attachment any pictues
i stop and turn car off and light will go off and trans. will reset to normal.
I confirmed a head gasket leak by sucking coolant out of cylinder #3 with a turkey baster.

Facts. Only cylinder 3 is affected. P0303 misfire on cold start. Exhaust steam for a few minutes until warm. It's accumulating about 1/16th of an ounce of coolant every 24 hours. The coolant loss does not move the indicator in the expansion tank. Block Tester indicates zero carbons in the cooling system. Dipstick indicates no coolant in the oil. Car is driven only 2,000 miles per year. I just finished a 500 mile Interstate road trip with no problems, and the coolant temp was steady at 99 degrees C (210 F).
the blower does not work
it closes but does not lock any ideas ? also actuator does move when I use handle but lock mech. will not lock and dash light for trunk deck is always on no matter what I do too latch
so now on top of the 500$ i paid i got to pay at the least another 400 shouldnt the shop cover it because it was their misdiagnosis???
i had a new driveshaft center support bearing put in took it back to the shop they are gonna cover labor for balancing the driveshaft just need to know if any more parts are going to be needed and how much?
Change the crank case vent because I was to this will make it do this..but still does it and only after it warms up?
Bmw series 530 diesel
it goes across from fender to fender and the hood hooks up to it
1999 BMW 528i
As I close the trunk, I can here the latch engage and feel a click prior to closing, as if something is triggering it to release. It will stay closed for about 4 seconds then release as if I had pressed the release button. This happens when the car is in park, drive, reverse and even when the key is off. However, after everything is off, it will stay closed.
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