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cruise control not working. Check engine light on and states speed sensor problem. could they be related?

airbag indicator is staying on

The tempature gauge moves to (red) after car is driven for 5 minutes. What might be the cause of the problem?

can you send a diagram of the location of AC blower motor and how to install it?

The problem just happened for the first time. The battery light was on the day before, and the car would not start after being idle at a signal.

My blower fan has been going in and out of high to low for the last month. And now the fan want even blow anything, hot or cold. What needs to be fixed?

99 BMW 528I with 235,000 miles has EGS dash light. Diagnosis showed code 5 pressure actuator 1. Mechanic recommended testing of pressure actuator and wiring harness, but due to mileage may not be worth it. Request opinions / options if work required in trans. No dash light under 60 MPH city driving.

Engine conked out while driving. Tried to restart and it sputtered for a moment then conked out. Now engine is turning over but will not start, all bells, horn, lights are working but I'm having checking battery.

the driver's door won't stay open.

does not heat when defroster or heater is turned on

where can i find the blowre resister for a 2000 bmw 528i

How do you check the manual transmission fluid?

How do you remove the right rear passenger window?

I recently recieved a 1998 528I as payment for money owed.
I have no manual and do not know how to operate the CD player in the trunk. There seems to be no controls for the CD player on the dash or steering wheel. I keep looking thinking that I am missing them but cannot locate any.

how do you change the oil gasket and what is the approx. cost?

Over the last few months there is low, rumbling noise in my front end starting at low speeds ( 5 –20 mph ) and up-to about 35 –40 mph, especially noticeable over uneven pavement. The noise is not segregated to the left or right sides and to be quite honest there are days when I want to drive this car into a wall. Interestingly - the noise is not present when your foot is applied to the brake. Other than this annoyance, I love the car, it still looks great and after almost $4000 in the last few moths to attempt to solve the problem, I really can’t afford not to keep it. ANY ADVICE PLEASE!!!! Here are the components, replaced since January 2010:

suspension struts
frt right wheel hub
lower joint assembly/steering
stabilizer bars
control arms
break rotors, pads
new tires
sway bar links
shock mounts
rack and pinion
steering shaft assemble ( into rack and pinion)

Also, was hoping to see a diagram of this car’s suspension components in hopes of seeing something that perhaps has been missed. This car has been to 3 reputable certified BMW shops and a dealership in attempt to address the issue.

Car was parked and locked for a period of time. The battey lost charge, and now the key will not open the car door or trunk where the battery is located. How can you open the car or the trunk to access the battery.

head light burned out

i changed the theomstat and water pump ,and the car is still over heating,any suggestion.

every time i unlock my 97 528i the alarm goes off how can i fix this

My defrost blower will not shut off after car is turned off.
What could be the problem

The interior lights on my car - not the dash, or the headlights, but the interior lights - are blinking on and off, and I can't figure why. I don't want to mess with the wires and mess up the car, so what do I do?

The light for the check engine will never go off. If I take it to the shop they will "find" something and it will be no less than $800...never fails and the light will come back on in a couple of days. The car is great and it only has 80K mileage. Where is the diagnostic connection? Thx.

anyone have a how to on changing the oil/filter on this car, do you need a special tool, and I heard you can just put the car up on a curb to change the oil rather than jack it up?

I just bought a used 97 bmw 528i series. It just turned 100,000 miles and am wondering what service do I need and how much does it usually cost WITHOUT going to a BMW service center?

The AC doen't work. It blows but regula not cold.

how do i get to the valve to replace it?

My AC compressor is working, but I do not get cold air inside the car.

hello, i have 1997 BMW 528, when start the engine and drive the car for 15 minutes, suddenly the light of trans (yellow light) in the gauges board work, and then the car moving very slowly (very slow acceleration), i changed the engine, but i still have same problem, i changed the transmission, also i still have same problem, please advice me what i can do in order to finish this problem, i want to enjoy when i drive my car, thank you

The passenger side high beam will not turn off even after engine is turned off, or high beam switch is off. WTH?