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Start car and here winning noise . Start going down the street and still hearing the noise. It's when I push the gas pedal and give it gas. So the whole time I'm going its there

vehicle hesitate at acceleration and starting
today first time
It seems a little high, I always got routine service every 5k miles.
Gas - is premium/higher grade really worth it?
Replaced wipers, still streaking my windshield.
Then it says to charge Battery. I know that the battery is fine. What do I need to do to reset erroneous message?
While acceleration is started vehicle acts like it wants to stall. I can stop and turn vehicle off and light goes out and vehicle runs normal.
I know I live in New England and the winter blend of gas does go down on Mpg, but 3 miles per gallon? It seems I have to really step on it to get it to go. I have no error codes or lights... Thanks....
The dealer tells me this in normal and when I bring in for service they told me they replaced a valve. It is tough to get the windshield to defrost on drivers side. I don't think this is normal. Can anyone give me any suggestions?
purpose of valve clearance
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