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I checked all of fuses lighter does not work fuse box says that has 2fuses can't locate I'm not a smoker want the lighter to work bought a air compressor for to pump up tires fuses fine little help please thanks

I was just asking I think it would be cheaper to put another alarm on the car than buying another key I purchase a key on line not knowing that I have no one around my area cuts keys for my car I have been searching high and low can some help me out some way some advice thanks a lot

Every morning i need to get a jump just to start the engine. ......, when I turn the key to start it, a clicking noise sounds from under the hood. And sometimes "trans. Failsafe" light appears.

The heat and air barely blow and not all sometimes

But I noticed that the water boiling in the expansion tank is that normal are I'm looking at a bigger problem because I had a car with the same pressurize system and I had a blown head gasket I'm hopping that not the case it runs fine at idle no leak but when driven antifreeze is everywhere thank a lot hope you can help oh I'm sorry I don't have any gauges telling me that the car is hot only the smell and notice of antifreeze thanks again

Warning lights comes on it's say stop and let cool and it's starts up and run fine for all day and then sometimes it run hot during a drive on hwy. @ speeds 65 to 75 mph. And sometimes I have to put coolant in it

i ran out of gas in my BMW 1991 525i i put gas in it and it still won't start it just turns and sounds like it wants to but it wont it just passed smog less then a week ago and c.h.p expection. and runs really good as well great on gas. since i ran out of gas it wont start

I hear this is a common problem with 2001 525i

coolant temperature high and when stop the engine and switch on again alarm disappeared and after 30 minutes it comes again and then I have to switch off the engine and start again and go on

Car would not start yesterday morning, the initial symptoms pointed to a under charged battery, I replaced the battery (under warranty) and the car still will not start. There is a click noise when you press the start button (and all the interior lights and chimes are working and appear to be strong)but nothing happens.... help! I am thinking maybe the starter but before I just start paying to replace things I am hoping someone can offer some advice or advice on how to test the symptoms. I don't have a lot of cash to spend right now, it's been a rough month, and now I am stuck with a car that won't start. Any advice would be appreciated.

Car shifts and no slip but when clutch is depressed to the floor makes a terrible racket.

The engine is idling rough at other times the car runs normally. I am missing the uppper right control arm.I will be replaced next week. I do you think it is and emissions or exhaust problem.

Have to break it to have car told cause couldent fint keys

how do you change out the brake resevoir grommets that attach it to the master cylinder

front passenger window.

homelink won't program

red light showing spark plugs need to be replaced. I just had them replaced, but mechanic didn't re-set the light. Now they said the coils could be the reason for the light not going off. I didn't think it was automatic, that they had to reset the service warning light. please help me.

Sensor where is it and how do I replace it

I can't unlock with key, door handle, or the button. How do I fix and now I'm worried that will happen with the other 2 doors.

this is the first time it has done this.

The front seats of my 1989 BMW 525i are damaged. Can I use seats from a 1995 BMW 525i as replacements?

after valve gasket cover change the engine check went on. at the garage the diagnosis tool didnt detect any fault. but experience a bit of shakin that reduces as i speed up and reduced performance HELP

can not find the fan blower and it will not come on.

when we're driving at night the high beams flicker on and off. when we shut the car off the high beams still go on and off throughout the night. thinking maybe a short. I have no owner manual

Check engine indicator light is on. I thought I was out of fuel as was running on fumes. When I added more fuel the next day it ran fine for 15 mins then the same thing happened.

has pressure up to fuel rail no fuel in the return line.
it started after i removed fuel pump ran 10 min turned it off for 2 hours would not restart i checked spark ok has fuel, relays are good ,it has a vacuum thing on the front of the fuel rail it has pressure up to there (does it need a certain amount of pressure or could that vacuum thing be bad )when key is on should the fuel pump return line have fuel in it