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When I start the car it drags a little wipers won't turn off LCD screen is acting weird please help

rough idling when engine is cold

Evry second its stall and stop while driving

When i drive my car at about 40mph i will stop and then the gas pedal will make a springy noise and then my spedomoter goes out can anyone tell me what that means and what meeds to be replaced .. Thanks

After getting an oil change the engine oil pressure warning comes on. I've had the Vanos line,oil filter housing gasket and oil sensor replaced and the warning light is still coming on. Has anyone Concord this problem?

How to , how hard

I went to get a brake and lamp inspection done and the guy said it wont pass because the anti brake light will not stay on. The car was off, he then set it to reverse, and tried to turn the car back on. The car didn't turn over, but all the dash lights came on and stayed on except the anti brake light. The guy then told me it could be as simple as a sensor or a light bulb, or it could be something worse, but the light needs to stay on when the car is set like this or else i cant pass you. I cant really afford to much and i need this to be done asap so i can finally get this thing put in my name. If anyone knows what to do, or if theyve run into a similar problem and have a quick fix, please, Id really appreciate the advise. Thank you.

Asking if I can use 2003 e39 525it wagon exhaust on a 2002 e39 525it wagon wondering if they are interchangeable thanks in advance

I let my car sit for several monthes and the battery died. I had to get a new battery and all was great until I noticed now none of my windows will roll down and oddly the data "computer" that shows time/temp etc isn't working either. I am sure both happened at same time. I checked fuses but couldn't find problem. Help!?!

Just recently my transmission program light came on and it will not go in first gear. im going to be taking it to a mechanic and i dont want to get ripped off. do i need a transmission or is it a sensor or something else. the other gears still switch just fine and runs perfect after i get to 20 moh

Bmw 525i needs a new catalytic converter; how much is an estimated cost to fix it?

Tried turning on and off the car - no help. Any other way to reset flashing problem?

2001 525i code51

2001 bmw 525i

When shocks are worn out, oil often leaks out. What color is the oil?

The leak is near the front left tire.

leaking red fluid at front left

Reverse good won't shift over in Manuel shift any answers thanks tim